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Lingerie Commandments to Boost Your Sex Appeal

Lingerie Commandments to Boost Your Sex Appeal

Because, at times, more important than a sultry dress, is the sexy lingerie underneath it.

Most women don’t spring out of their bed every morning oozing tons of sex appeal and confidence; unless, it’s Miranda Kerr. And so, some mornings, we look for a boost in the form of sensual lingerie. Some women like it raunchy, while others prefer to keep it plain ol’ vanilla. The simple idea of slipping on something delicate or raunchy underneath the armour for the day is like having a powerful sexy weapon that boosts confidence and revs up the sex appeal limitlessly!

Besides, it’s best to remain prepared and be adorned in spicy undergarments. After all, you never know where the day might take you, and how it ends. ;)

To ensure that you’re slayin’ it right, or see if your panty drawer could use some overhaul, we bring you some no-nonsense lingerie commandments; so, get ready to awaken the sexy siren within and bring the world to its knees.


  • Thou Shalt Not Wear Boring Lingerie

We believe that lingerie should be sexy and fun for most of the times, unless, you’re in at-home pajamas, gorging on ice-cream and drooling over Liam Hemsworth. Whether you’re single, or madly in love, or just need some inspiration, sexy lingerie can make your (and, your partner’s) life interesting in many ways that we can’t really mention here. So, whether you prefer lace, net, or a bit of embroidery, pick out options that excite you and make you feel instantly saucy from within!


  • Thou Shalt Invest In Matching Sets


Hmm, picture this: after a long day, you decide to go for some drinks with that cute guy who asked you out last week. You have fun; and now, not sure if you’re going home alone?! Better to be safe than sorry; or in this case, risk getting your granny pants collection spotted. :P

Try investing in matching sets of lingerie as it not only appears well coordinated and pleasant to the eyes, but also increase your sexiness and desirability quotient!


  • Thou Shalt Know What Lingerie To Pair With Each Dress


This one’s an important rule, as there’s nothing tackier than wearing the wrong kind of lingerie with any outfit. If you’re wearing an off-shoulder dress, go for a strapless bra. End of story. If you’re wearing a casual tee, opt for a t-shirt bra. Simple. No fuss. While it’s okay to play sensual peek-a-boo once in a while, there’s a reason it’s called “underwear” – it’s supposed to remain exactly there (under what you wear). To avoid VPL disasters with figure-hugging dresses and breasts popping out of a strapless cocktail dress, invest in lingerie that goes with the outfits you plan to wear. Because, it’s time to bring his attention to the right areas.


  • Thou Shalt Be Open To Experimenting


Lingerie is an aspect that always worth experimenting with. Whether you’re loyal to plunge numbers, or can’t get over the awesomeness of bralettes, if you don’t experiment, how would you know if you’re losing out on a long lost love? Even if he loves you in your cute oversized at-home tees, stir up some surprise and passion for both you and your man and treat him by lacing up in a scintillating corset, or a racy, cheeky thong, and channel your new role of the ultimate seductress. Besides, trust us, you don’t want to have FOMO this year when it comes to hot lingerie.


  • Thou Shalt Wear Garters And Stockings To Your Job


Sometimes, it’s perfectly nice (and tempting!) to live dangerously. If you have a set of garters that you probably purchased for that one special night with your man, and ditched them into the bottom of the closet, never to be bothered with again, then, it’s time to bring them out and turn a mundane day into the wildest one. It can be your own teeny-tiny secret and be beneficial in the long run, till the end of the day when you decide to step in front of your man, minus the work wear layering and reap the merits abundantly. Yes, please.


  • Thou Shalt Indulge In Sexy Night Wear


Got a romantic date planned at home? There’s nothing sexier than feeding your man a delicious fare while dressed in a steamy babydoll. Add a bit of oomph to your laid back romantic evening with some racy teddys and set the mood. With scrumptious food and a more delicious you, he’ll be eating out of your hands in no time. Time to prepare that list of moves you wanted him to try! ;)


With that said, there’s one thing we need to consider; lingerie is our staple, at all times, and at all places, be it work, club, beach, or the bedroom. It’s worth investing in a good and reliable label that suits you and makes you feel sexy! And, with loyal abidance to the above rules, you can take your game a notch higher and show your man (and yourself), the diva who can be both – a girl next door, and a goddess in bed!

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