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How to know if it is the right time to know each other sexually?

How to know if it is the right time to know each other sexually?

You are in a relationship for quite some time. But still you don’t feel confident to take the same to the next level? Well, here we are here with some signs that indicate that you might be ready to move a step ahead.

Well, let’s agree. Relationships can be tiring and confusing. When you are engrossed into someone deeply, sometimes you aren’t able to think logically and make right decisions. When it comes to getting involved sexually, you might be mistaking a fling for a long-term relationship and take a wrong turn. Don’t worry, we are here with some ways to help you realize if it is time to go behind closed doors. So, here we go:

  • When you are absolutely clear

Part of the plan should be to have clarity in whatever you do. When you know what you want clearly, you might be ready for it. We know it is quite hard to find out what do you want, but when you are unclear about your expectations, don’t just go for it. Your unclear state of mind is pointing out that it might not be the right time to take this ahead.

Do you want to fool around or are looking for a happy time? Do you want to commit yourself to a single person? Do you feel that the person is compatible? These questions will help you find out what you really want.

Take a look at your previous experiences and find out if you have been hasty in taking a decision. If you have regretted this earlier, chances are you will regret it now, too. Hit and try, mix and match and find the best situation and time to know each other sexually.

  • When you don’t set unrealistic expectations

Women are often seen wanting to have sex only to make their partners serious about them. Don’t do that if you want him to take you seriously. Don’t get involved when your mind is sending an unrealistic thought out. Once again we say, be clear about what you want from this relationship. Are you looking for love or just some casual fun and act, accordingly.

  • When you have discussed your desires and fantasies

Talk your heart out with your partner. And make sure he talks the same way. Share your expectations, desires and fantasies. Discuss what you are expecting from him in bed and what are you planning for the future. You can be crude about telling him that you want to engage in a conversation before you both actually ‘do it’. This will let him know he is not just a passing fling and will also help you explore each other’s hidden desires and fantasies.

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  • When conversing, you are on the same page

Blurt out what you want from him after you have had sex. Let him know if you are into monogamous relationships or are convenient with an open arrangement. Be brave and blunt in pointing out your expectations. See if he is serious for you or is just looking for some naughty fun with you in a sexy lingerie.

  • When you know about his sexual health

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) aren’t a new thing. In fact, it’s quite common in adults. If you want to get involved sexually with someone you know for just a few weeks, you must discuss this aspect clearly.

Talk about sexual history and current sexual status. Also, clear out that you are looking for sex with protections. This might make him uncomfortable but can save lots of trouble at a later stage. If he is serious to be with you, he will not hesitate. If he does, you have your answer- it’s not the right time or person to have a sexual relationship with.

  • When you can handle awkwardness

First sexual encounters are generally awkward. Consider this, you being in bed with someone you just have met. If you are embarrassed just by the thought of it, maybe you aren’t ready. Don’t jump in till the time you are confident that the awkwardness will not turn into something stuffy.

  • When you can see the morning after

We aren’t talking about it literally but the fact that you can stay calm after having sex with a person. Don’t rush when you are in doubt that you will cry afterwards. If you feel you will regret having sex after it, don’t just go for it.

People are negative about sexual relationships already. So, you might not be able to share it. Only have sex when you know you can handle your feelings afterwards. If something doesn’t make you feel right about your feelings afterwards, maybe postpone it for the future.

  • When you have a visible sexual chemistry

Have you hooked up with the person before? How was your make out experience? Did he turned you on? Do you fantasize about him? Well, if there is sexual tension between you two, then definitely it is a sign that you can have sex with the person.

If you hated having to make out with the person, chances are that you wouldn’t love having sex with the person, either. Depend on your experience and instincts.

  • When you have talked it out

If you haven’t had a sexual conversation with the person, you might not want to jump in straight to the practical. The way a person talks about sex can make you learn a lot about how he perceives it. Is he into bondage and stuff? How he sees a nude celebrity pic? How vivid are his fantasies? All this will help you understand his sexual desires and if you are ready to be a part of them.

  • When you trust the person

Has the person been able to gain your trust? Can you rely on him? Do you feel comfortable and safe in his presence? Well, trust factor is an important aspect. If he doesn’t treat you well before having sex, you will be shocked after having it. If you trust the person with all your heart, it is a strong sign that you should take the relationship to the next level.

Remember, if you have a doubt in mind, it’s always better to wait. The world is filled with people who regret having sex afterwards. But you will rarely find someone who wish having sex earlier. Don’t jump into a race because it isn’t one. Be clear about your decision and only act when you are confident.

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