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Just Married? Here’s A Checklist For An Indelible Honeymoon

Just Married? Here’s A Checklist For An Indelible Honeymoon

A ravishing wedding dress, a grand feast, a menu enlisting scrumptious cuisines, lots of dance, music and happy faces. The wedding of your dreams! Isn’t it?

Once you are done with the wedding festivities, the next big event in queue is the honeymoon. Who hasn’t dreamt of a honeymoon at some exotic destination that seems straight out of a movie? An enthralling honeymoon is everyone’s idea of happily ever after. And now that you are all set for a dreamy honeymoon, we bring to you a checklist of must haves that is sure to spice up your lovey dovey time. So go girl. Turn up the heat!

  • A Special Outfit

Out of all the outfits, you pack for the vacay, make sure you bring along that one special outfit that fits you the best and makes you feel like a diva. Save it for the romantic date and be the enchantress for the day. To amp up your look, even more, make sure you wear undergarments of the right fit. You can even opt for a sexy lingerie set if you are planning to turn the romantic date into a sensuous one.

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  • Sexy Lingerie: so that you quirk it up with some roleplay

What good is a honeymoon if you don’t get naughty and fulfill all your fantasies with him? Ornate your nights with some role play. Be his nurse, his favorite superwoman or the sexy cop he would love to get arrested by. You can also add the fun with some sexy accessories like handcuffs.

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  • Perfume and Special Scents

According to Kama Sutra, fragrance plays a major role in bringing the two of you together. If you have a signature fragrance, your man can actually associate you with it and that fragrance will always remind him of you no matter where you are. It actually awakens your senses so that you indulge in the love making session and explore each other to the best. Along with your perfume and cologne, also carry some aroma oil and diffusers. Maybe you would love to relax in the bath tub with him after an eventful day!


  • Bath Essentials

On talking about getting into the bathtub together, we don’t want you to miss the bath salts and shower gels as they are the best bets for a relaxing shower time.


  • Music Playlist

Create a customized playlist beforehand. Add up all your favorite romantic tunes as well as his into your iPod. Carry it along and you would be surprised to see how much better your times together get. You would be reminded of the good days few years down the line when you hear those tunes somewhere. Romancing could never get better!


  • Contraceptives, Sanitary Napkins or Tampons

Ensure that you pack plenty of contraceptives and sanitary essentials even though your menstrual dates are not around the corner. Consult your gynecologist for safe means of contraceptions. If you are planning a honeymoon abroad, chances are that you may find it difficult to buy sanitary napkins there as they are way too pricey at places. What harm in carrying some for yourself?


  • Outing Essentials

If you are that adventure seeking lady that leaves people aghast sometimes by your tough deal of events, this section is for you. You must be planning to go sport with your beloved too. We recommend you some sporty undergarments that are sure to make you feel comfortable, light and confident at the same time. You would not need to be conscious about your panty line showing or the bra strap sneaking out. Just go, be the sport you are.


  • Beach Wear

Your honeymoon seems incomplete without those strolls near the beach in a breezy evening. Set out for the fun and romance in some hot, flaunt-worthy pieces that promise your man would not be able to resist you after the beach walk. So be ready to get in action afterward. Wink!

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