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The importance of celebration in bedroom

The importance of celebration in bedroom

A lot of couples- when they are dating each other or have been married for a long time face an issue with space. After some time, there is a gap that comes between partners and takes over the love and comfort. However, this is not unprecedented and is seen among the best of couples that have amazing chemistry among them.

But this is no tough riddle to solve that it can’t be worked out. Simple steps and a few efforts would suffice to bring you both closer. This can be reflected in the fact that there are a lot of special days and special occasions that you both celebrate. You celebrate these by having dinner together, having dessert together, or maybe have a glass of wine together and go out for a romantic drive in the rain. But there’s a lot more that you can do with a special occasion just around the corner- like rip each others clothes off and make love like never before.

Taking the celebration to the bedroom

Special occasions like birthdays, celebrations of a milestone and especially anniversaries are events that should be commemorated to be remembered for years to come. And what better way to do it than special occasion sex! As a couple, you want to get intimate most of the time but it can get monotonous and routine like after a while. Special occasion sex ignites that fire in your lives and celebration in bed becomes a key to commemorate any special day that holds importance for you.

We compile a list as to how you can do it with your partner in the bedroom and make your special day even more memorable.

1.     Pick the special day

It could be anything. Your wedding anniversary, the anniversary where you got engaged or simply, it could be the birthday of your spouse. In other situations, you can use days like when your partner got a promotion at work, celebrating your first house. Alternatively, it could be celebrating the New Year’s Eve together or you might be out of town on a holiday and can make it a celebratory in your own kinky way! And when I say kinky, I mean lots of sexy lingerie- specifically babydoll lingerie. Pick a day that holds importance for you both.

2.     Commit extra special acts

Clearly, this is a special event for you so whatever you do to make it more eventful should be extra special too. However, don’t make it too much that it alerts your partner and starts to creep them out. You could use the good ol’ rose petals on the bed, use some tea-light candles in the bedroom to create a nice mood, play some really smooth and sultry music. Additionally, lay out a bottle of champagne and strawberries laden with lots of chocolate, because what’s a celebration minus champagne and chocolates?! Anyway, if you want to dare it all, you can go opting for sex accessories that will elevate your pleasure to a whole new level.

3.     Realise the need to revive the spark

Taking the celebration out of the dining room to the bedroom can be quite beneficial for you. This can revive the lost spark you and your partner once had, and make you both realise what you guys had been missing out on for such a great while. Celebratory sex or special occasion sex has its own charm and shows your partner that you care about them.

4.     The power of dressing up

This can die down in a stable relationship as you tend to think there’s no need to woo your partner anymore. This is not true. The power is dressing up has a great say in how your partner will get turned on. So, for special occasions, dress up really sexy in something that your partner likes. Also, don’t forget the most integral part- lingerie. Get some really naughty lingerie for him to salivate to, seeing which he will not be able to keep his hands to himself. And remember, don’t forget to put on some sexy panties for your loved one!

5.     Make this a regular thing

Sure, its special occasions and events, but don’t shy away from making this a regular thing. Celebrate all your major occasions this way and you will regularly get the best sex of your life.

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