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How to use Nipple clamps?

How to use Nipple clamps?

If you want to add spice in your vanilla sex life and explore more of the pleasures of BDSM play, here is a basic guide on how to use clamps which can perfectly cover the gap from regular sex life. The name is enough and is self-explanatory, which means its major use is for pinching or clamping your nipples, but clamps are preferred more as they are very much useful for hands-free pleasure. It can be painful for beginners but once you dive into its pleasure there is no returning, but one should always be aware of its technique and its usage.

The very first basic step before using nipple clamp which is to be kept in mind is that you are used to the sucking, biting, pinching, pulling of the nipples. The other word of BDSM is pleasure on the pain i.e. to experience pleasure you have to bear a pain, and even though it is a bit painful but there are some super sexy benefits to using the clamps. Lisa Finn, brand manager at Babeland exclaims that “Blood gets trapped into that tissue making it super sensitive to the touch” and some describe it as a crazy, erotic experience.

How to use Nipple clamps

The first step is to analyze two main things: the size of your nipples and the amount of pressure you enjoy. Some clamps cover a larger surface area while some clamps cover small surface area and should always be kept in mind before buying. It is also said that the size of the clamps greatly affects the sensitivity as thin and small clamps majorly focus the pressure to one small spot and do not spread it. Before you start the play, always make sure to decide a safe word like red or pineapple and always keep a check on your partner if they are enjoying the pleasure and not getting hurtled, so extra care should always be your first priority.

There are various kinds of clamps and every clamp follows the same procedure. Firstly, perfectly place the jaws of the clamp on the nipple or you can also prefer the areola for more sensations. It has also been suggested that at the beginning stage areola (at the back of the nipple) should be pinched with the clamp as direct nipple pinching can be painful. Then decide the pressure to be applied and slowly close the clamp. Once the game is on you can always adjust the tension accordingly. To experience more pleasure you can also kiss or suck on your partner’ nipple while the clamps are on.

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It is generally associated with BDSM, as dominant partner try it on the submissive partner as one of the most preferred foreplay act. During a small study conducted in the year 2011, it has been observed women’s sensation in nipple area is the same area in the brain where sensations related to clitoris and vagina are processed. Give it a trial, it’s very sure that you are going to love it without any second thought to try something else. Get watery with it whether single or double in lots.

If you love sucking, biting or pinching your nipples than its definitely going to work sensuously for you, but if you are a beginner than try out with some articles available at home like clothespin or your own fingers to feel the pleasure. Go and invest some to find a proper pair of clamps for yourself.

To try first time with clamps go for the adjustable ones, which are easy to apply. They are specially designed for the beginners where you can easily adjust the pressure high or low and if they are carrying some metal chain the heavier the chain, the more weight you will need to carry, the more extreme experience would be. Begin with light weight to heavier ones.

Clover clamps, the another type have fixed openings, they are not adjustable. So if you are experienced it’s good to go for it and enjoy the ride. There are better options available these days in the market of magnet nipple clamps without any chains and have removable option like nipple piercings, can be easily used by both the beginners and experienced both.


To go with more safety do start slow, try out with adjustable pair as per the pressure bearing capacity and remove them when you don’t feel comfortable with. Don’t let the clamps make your nipples blue remove them immediately. They should not be left for longer than 15 minutes, as per the sex therapist-a kink friendly, Dr. Aaron, PhD.

Communicate with each other in more elaborate manner and start slow, stimulate each other than gradually increase the intensity find your sweaty going wet and feel the pleasure.

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