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How to Select the Best Lingerie for My Wife?

How to Select the Best Lingerie for My Wife?

So you are feeling brave and considering buying the best lingerie for your wife this Valentine's Day. Before getting into the details of buying lingerie, make sure she loves wearing it. As much you are love to see her in a sexy little lace number if she is not a big fan of it, then this is not the right gift for her. If she does indeed love it, then you have found an excellent gift option. In order to maximize your lingerie buying success, the most essential things to consider when buying lingerie for your wide are the following…

Size Matters

This is a slippery slope, as if it does not fit well, it might look pretty awful - even if she already has a banging Victoria Secret model body. The sizing is really hard, so you must ensure you know it. You can do this in two ways. The first is to ask her frankly. This might not be the best way to surprise her, but you will probably get the best and most perfect answer you want. The second way is to be a bit sneaky by digging her underwear drawer or chest to find out here exact size. (there are two parts in this the cup size and the band, explained in detail below). Panties usually come in S, M, L, XL etc. so just like many things, sizes might also vary by brand, but having a solid idea will likely set you in the correct direction.

Know How Bra Size Works

You might think that the sizes are just the numbers, buying lingerie business is not that easy and it’s a delicate business that really needs the right numbers of the right fit. That said, you must know correctly how it works.

Bra sizes are of two parts  - the band size and the cup size. The band is a measurement of the rib cage and the cup is that part that holds the boobs in place. The types of bra include; unlined, push - up, demi and bralette. The panties come in style like thongs, Bikini cut, Briefs, and cheeky.

Quality Comes First

As with many things, consider the quality first. It makes a huge difference. This does not necessarily mean costly, but very low-cost lingerie is unflattering, scratchy, uncomfortable and sometimes tacky. Since she is probably not a stripper, expect to spend at least a little extra attention for the quality, well-made lingerie set.

The Style Icon

If she usually wears simple styles and neutral color, you might want to go for the dark-colored lace fewer thongs. Try to remind her style in mind and choose similar colors she usually wears. When in doubt - go for the black one which is always classy and yet very sexy on everyone and also allows her to mix and match with the colors she already owns in her closet - Bonus!

The Accessories Addict

Lingerie is not completely just bras and panties. Take your lingerie gift up a notch and also try gifting her sexy thigh- high stockings to match the bra and panty set. If she is a more of a low - key you can also try getting her a beautiful lace or a silk robe to match the lingerie set. Other great additions to a lingerie gift include scented candles and flavored massage oils.

Prepare Your Wallet

Emotionally prepare yourself to spend at least $200 to buy not - so - cheap quality lingerie set. You can go for the branded ones available both online and in - store.

Who Is Pleasing Who?

Once you have found the right way to buy a classy lingerie set for your wife, you will have to also address it with a short and sweet message. Adding a personalized message to your gift make her feel special and super sexy. Go for a handwritten note. It doesn’t have to be long, in fact, make it sweet and sexy.

Don’t Buy Lingerie That is Hard to Take Off

Trying to take off tough garments that you might know how to take off can kill your wife's mood quickest. It might be anything like the buckle up model, unzip type or unsnap kinda lingerie, ask the shopkeeper for something new and easy to take off.

Avoid the Variety

We suggest you avoid the old model bras and panties. If your wife already has them, it will never sense in gifting her another of the same one. Try out something else you think she might like it and will be comfortable in.

The Daring and Pleasant Place to Shop From

If you are a newbie, then you might be confused about the options available like where and which is the right place to shop. You don’t have to confuse, as the shops who sell sexy pieces have the best quality ones if you are ready to invest in the expensive ones. As the salesperson to pick the ones that are best in their shop. These lingerie selling shops usually have loads of options and style to pick from, so decide yourself and don’t ask suggestions from the salesperson as your wife's choice might not be his preference.

However, if you love to shop online, then there are loads of online lingerie shops that sell what you expect the most. Online shopping is a great move especially when shopping for sexy lingerie pieces, as you have a wide choice to choose from the extensive collection available, you can also get high-quality pieces at a very reasonable price or discounts, and you also shop for the sexiest pieces on the earth.

Can I Buy Them Online?

It is so much easier for men to buy lingerie for the women in their lives if they buy online, but there are a few things that need to be taken into account when choosing an online store which will make your task easier.

A few hints

  1. Never buy the old thing, if she has already 10 babydolls, maybe she might love to have a corset
  2. Make sure that she loves underwear. You must know what body parts she loves and feels self - conscious about, ensure that you don’t buy the one that emphasizes these.
  3. Remember the sexy pieces are not just available in lace or satin. Even cotton can be equally sexy.
  4. Lingerie will be completely flattering when it is in the right size. It must not be too tight. You can also buy the one that is easy to adjust in this case.
  5. Curvy women love additional support. If your wife wears the large size bra make sure the chest area of a bra that you wish to buy offers extra support
  6. Don’t spend your money nor give up easily on pieces that you are not sure about. There is quite a load of underwear shops.

Tips to buy lingerie online

Remember to Pay Attention to the Website Clues

Good online lingerie seller will have loads of details about the product, fit, sizing and the coverage of the lingerie pieces, especially for the bras. Some also provide comparisons to other models.

Ask for Suggestions

Specific online retailers provide a chat feature, so you can chat with their customer care representative if you have any doubt when shopping. You can also email or call with your queries about function, material quality, and sizing. Read their information provided on their website first and if you think it's unclear then don’t be afraid to confront and ask before buying. You can also research before buying about the specific website, whether they are genuine and provides quality products. Asking and getting to know about the website save the headache of shipping and returning later.

Buy More Than One Size

If you are not that sure how it might fit, especially if it's your first time gifting. Try to buy the same product in different sizes. That way, you can ask your wife to try it at home, compare the fit to find the right size for you. It is totally normal to end up with a different size in the end. Also, it is very rare to wear the exact size of various brands and styles.

Look Out For Discounts And Coupons

You might have come across a shopping website that provides coupon discounts if you sign up for their newsletter. Or you can also just search for online on coupon sites to get the code.

Use the Free Shipping Benefit

Various sites provide free shipping over a specific amount. It is always a great idea to use such an advantage, especially if you want to buy multiple products. This will also help you to get free shipping and most lingerie retailers will have an easy return policy.

Read the Return Policy

Lingerie can be a very tricky item to return as some retailer has different return policies. For sure, undies should never be returned after trying or should be accepted if it is done so. It is often acceptable if it is tried on underwear over another to find out whether it fits first. But bras cannot be tried on and returned, if it does, it will show you the signs of wear. Most retailers suggest that the tags must be on to get the full refund and most have certain rules about dents in padded bras. Read them before buying.

Compare the Prices

If you are a bargain hunter and you have a particular item in mind that you wish to buy. Then consider using the search engine to compare the product cost. When comparing prices also take the shipping into consideration. Some retailers have a lower price for the actual product, but charge higher shipping charges so in actuality the price might end up being the same as the other or also higher.

You Can Save More

Online lingerie retailers often run regular discounts and promotions to allure their new and existing customers to buy more. This is so true during the holiday season like Xmas and New Year.

Check for Discreet Shipping

Well, you are buying a sexy and a secret gift and you don’t want it to reveal to anyone even to the person who delivers the product. So check for the websites that offer discreet and secure packaging shipping option. All orders should be shipped in an envelope or an unmarked box. There must not be any detail included on the exterior of the product package. Your privacy should be respected and if you think that the product has tampered then you must let them know. You can call their dedicated customer care team to let them know so that they can take the needed action with the logistics providers.

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