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This is what Honeymooners Feel on their First Night Together

This is what Honeymooners Feel on their First Night Together

Being in love is great. And when that love actualizes into marriage, the couple has a million reasons to rejoice. No matter if a marriage is arranged or a love marriage, honeymoon definitely is the best part of a couple’s life. While every couple is not eager to share their honeymoon memories publically, yet we bring some interesting insights into what honeymoon couples feel when they spend their first night together. Here we go:

“The feeling of being together with a man at night gave me jitters”


  • Sheela



Being born and brought up in an orthodox family, the chances of interacting with males were minimum. Even when I went to college, my shyness didn’t allowed me to talk freely with my male classmates. Maybe, that is why I was so afraid during the first time my husband and I came together on our honeymoon. I knew he might want to try out something so I already packed honeymoon lingerie with me. But we ended up talking the whole night and that became my best honeymoon memory.


“I was excited and couldn’t really wait for him to initiate”


  • Harshita



We were in a relationship for more than a year when our parents agreed to tie the knot. So, naturally, we both were excited when finally we got the chance to be with each other without anyone judging us. The honeymoon experience was fantastic. I dressed myself in a sexy lingerie for our first honeymoon night and didn’t wait for a sign. And that made us both of us wild and I truly enjoyed what happened afterwards.


“Anything we did that night was not planned”

  • Shashank


When we checked into our resort, we tried to be comfortable in our skins in front of each other. I tried acting casually but was really stressed about what to do and what not. At night, after the dinner, when she revealed she has a surprise for me and came out of the bathroom dressed in a nighty for honeymoon, I was glad that she is also open to the thought of starting right now. Later, we got into the bed and let our senses and fantasies take control. The result was amazing. I loved every moment of that night.

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