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If This Is What Has Been Happening, Chances Are You Have Met Your Soulmate

If This Is What Has Been Happening, Chances Are You Have Met Your Soulmate

You must have heard the age-old adage “marriages are made in heaven.” But how true does this hold? Finding a soulmate, someone who understands you, vibrates on the same mental wavelength and accepts you for who you are is what most of us aspire for when seeking a partner.

Often, we go through relationships that seem perfect initially, but with time the spark fizzles out and things begin to take a downward turn. While philosophically, these relationships help one grow and evolve, the lead you to wonder – how will I know when I have met “the one?” How will I know if the person is indeed my soulmate?


If these questions befuddle your mind, here is some help. If these five things have been happening with you, then you’ve met your soulmate.

  1. The Gut Feeling

If you are intuitive, you often have a strong inexplicable feeling in your gut that Mr. X or Miss Y is the one. You can feel the invisible connect in your bones and don’t need any validation.  Many times when you meet your soulmate for the first time you feel like you already know them. At times there is a sense of familiarity, and others you feel a deep connect. If one feels at ease despite meeting the person for the first time, as well as a sense of knowing, this relationship will likely go all the way and culminate into marriage. Trust your intuition if it says you have met your soulmate.

  1. The Unspoken Connect

When you meet your soulmate, you will feel a connection that cannot be put into words. Both of you will be able to understand what the other is feeling without it being verbally expressed. The two will be on the same wavelength and you would be finishing each other’s sentences. The mental connect will be so strong that you will experience a near telepathy with your soulmate. You will automatically sense when he/she is upset or undergoing stress, if something is about to go wrong – despite the two of you being in different places physically.

  1. You “Get” Each Other

Your soulmate and you will be on the same page and will “get each other.” No explanations would be needed whether you are married or dating. You and your soulmate would be each other’s support systems, the first person you feel like sharing things with. The moment anything substantial or even banal happens in your life, he/she is the first person who would come to mind. The first person you would want to share the moment with.

  1. Mutual Respect

Your soulmate respects you for who you are, will not judge and would not want you to change for them. They will accept you with your positives and flaws, and embrace the same effortlessly. The soulmate will help you grow and blossom as a person, will guide you when you err but never force or impose their thoughts on you. Instead, he/she will let you take the path you choose and support you in the same, even if they disagree. Things do not change even after marriage as the couple continues to evolve together.

  1. Great Sex

Since soulmates connect on a deep and emotional level, this automatically translates into great sex. The couple is honest and sincere with each other, which creates a phenomenal chemistry between the two – married or dating. The emotional intensity you feel with your soulmate during love-making would be unparalleled. The desire to be one would be as intense during the honeymoon period till after you are married. The fire between the couple would keep burning.


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