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Guide to Choosing the Right Swimwear According to Your Body

Guide to Choosing the Right Swimwear According to Your Body

Beach. Bikini. All things sunny

There is nothing like a nice beach, warm sand and mild sun!

If it’s a break-up or a bad month with luck, you know the waters are always there to calm your senses down.

Not only specific to a time; when it’s the summer time, you want nothing to do but get some respite from the scorching sun, eat tropical fruits and berries, lick on ice lollies and of course, hit the beach. Or if you are the little unlucky one living in the Northern part, you might want to take a quick holiday to the shore and hit snooze for a while.

Tank tops, hot pants, shorts, chunky jewellery and lot of booze will define your beach holiday but what will be an essential that you just cannot miss out on when it comes to a beach holiday are swimsuits.

You just cannot hit the beach in a pair of jeans and need appropriate swimwear for that.

Too bad! Men just need to wear an under suit and they are done.

Ladies? You have countless options!

Go bold with that curvaceous body

Women have been shy for a long time with showcasing their bodies especially in a swimsuit at a beach. Most women feel that sexy swimsuits are for models and skinny girls, not for curvaceous women who have real flesh. Which is, a sad fact to deal with.

Why can’t a curvaceous women enjoy a nice swim at the beach in the swimsuit she feels like wearing?

We need to educate our women about how normal it is to slip in a swimsuit without feeling conscious of their bodies, that is if they are wearing the right swimsuit for their bodies.

Women think of swimsuits as universal and just buying a larger size would suffice, if they are on the plumper side. Totally untrue. You need to buy the right swimsuit for you according to your body type, and not your size. There is a difference between size and body type.

We tell you how.

1.    Recognize your body type

It is essential that before buying a swimsuit, you recognise what your body type is. The way your body shapes and curves will determine what kind of a swimsuit will look good on you. Women have different body types based on how their body weight distributes itself. Some of this include: -

  • Apple shaped body: You have an apple shaped body if you have a wide waist in comparison to your hips and the waist is in line with the bust.
  • Pear shaped body: When your waist and bust are both the same size and your hips are wider than them both, you have a pear shaped body.
  • Hourglass shaped body: (The wrongly portrayed picture of a perfect woman), women who have their bust and hips of the same size and their waist comparatively thinner, are said to have an hourglass shape.
  • Straight body: When all your bust, waist and hips are of the same size, you have a straight shaped body.

You need to introspect and see what body shape you are to proceed to the next step of figuring out the perfect swimsuit for you.

2.     Choose your store

If you’re the shy one who is a little nervous going to a store and asking for a bikini. It's time to set for the fear of being ridiculed, switch to online shopping.

However, there is absolutely nothing you should be nervous of. Go for online swimsuit shopping and choose the website that sells quality swimwear.

3.     Choose flattering colours

Tips to remember: to highlight a body part, use a light colour; to hide a body part, use a dark colour. These should be your mantras while shopping anything, lest a swimsuit. Choose colours according to this profile and you will end up with a fabulous piece that flatters the right corners of your body.

For example, if you have a thin waist and wider hips and bust, pick a swimsuit that has a dark base, like a black or a dark blue, with pop coloured patches around the sides of the waist like pink, orange, yellow or any other bright colour.

4.     Hiding the tummy you don’t want

If you are shy of the tummy flab showing, you can choose a swimsuit that has frill around the waist or the look of a frilly skirt around the waist, this will hide your tummy that you are conscious of and even cover your thighs.

5.     Choosing the cut

If you want to hide unwanted body flab, choose one-piece swimsuit that has shorts for the legs and frill around the waist. If you have that envious bust, choose V-neck bikinis and halter bikinis that will make you look super-hot. Pair it with matching thong or if you are the conscious one, wear boy shorts.

You know you are super worthy of everything. Why not act like it? Go bare it in that skimpy swimsuit as you soak in the sun!

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