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Great tips to plan an exciting & sexy vacation with your partner

Great tips to plan an exciting & sexy vacation with your partner

Surviving through daily routines and monotony takes away all the fun and pleasure from a couple’s life. If that is what you feel, then it is time for you to plan a sexy vacation with your partner. Here we present to you some great tips to plan an exciting vacation with your partner:

  • Forget everything else & plan your vacation

Taking a vacation calls for forgetting routine responsibilities related to work and home. If you want a great sex vacation, you need to plan your vacation well in advance. Planning should include decisions about the location, accommodation and experiences you wish to include in your sex vacation.

  • Set a vacation goal: You need to think about how you can surprise your partner. You can either take them to a surprise vacation with all essential ingredients to pump up the sex drives or you can discuss with your partner to create an interesting goal- like trying something sexy and exciting (skinny dip in the ocean or sunbathing naked)
  • Choose a destination: Once you decide what you want to do, you can think of a destination to visit. Make sure you have great resorts that give couples the much-needed privacy.
  • Pack all the erotic things you can buy

What’s a sexy vacation without a sexy lingerie or tools of love? You can think of buying a honeymoon lingerie or sexy panties to pump up the sex game. Don’t forget to pack an attractive and erotic nightwear such as a nighty for honeymoon similar to the one you wore on your honeymoon or first night to give him a sexy nostalgia.

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The most important tip we can give you is that the vacation should be planned keeping in mind all your partner’s desires. Not only will this make him love you more, but also will help you to reignite the spark that seems to be lost in the daily monotony. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your sexy vacation, today.


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