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Going Wild-III: The fruit of passion

Going Wild-III: The fruit of passion

Shama was enjoying every night with her husband. But instead of being only a sexually-motivated act her moves were more of a need. The couple needed a child for themselves and that was why Shama did everything under her control. If you haven’t read the previous parts, read part-I & part-II first.

Though every night was becoming more passionate than before, I was still apprehensive about the end-result. I didn’t know how my dressing in sexy lingerie will help me bear a child. But one thing is for sure. We both were enjoying like never before. My husband has become more active sexually just as my doctor said and I was happy I could satisfy his sexual needs. Moreover, I was happy that he is normal and just needed the right motivation.

After a few weeks, one night my husband became curious about the sudden change in my moves, dresses and sexual urges. We had a detailed discussion that night during which I told him everything about my consultation with doctor, my dilemma and the source of my hot nighties and honeymoon lingerie. That night we both browsed Kamuklife.com together and chose a few more sexy outfits.

After a steamy hour of action that night, we collapsed in each other’s arms. I was really happy to have my husband all charged up after all these years. Though I had never told anyone, I missed manly touch in my life. I knew I was doing all this to have a child but deep inside I was loving every moment of it, just for the pleasure I received during these nights. I just hoped that my husband stayed the same even after we bear a child.

A few months passed on like this and just when I was about to lose hope, I missed my periods. I was married in my early twenties and it took me 15 years to see this day. The next day I bought a pregnancy kit and got a positive result. I didn’t want to be excited without confirming everything so I tested twice, thrice till the time I wasn’t satisfied. I was happy with the discovery and wanted to break the news to the whole family. But before everything, I wanted to treat my husband for his support through all these years. I order a special teddy lingerie that day just to give my husband the naughtiest time of his life. I planned to break the news after I treat him with nothing but the best. Sometime during the next week, I received the package and was elated to get the right color and fit that made me look even sexier than before.

At night, I asked him to just wait for me after everyone is asleep. Though I had been doing this with him for many years, I felt a newfound passion that was bubbling inside me. Maybe, the happiness and thought of myself being a mother made me excited. I wanted to give him every pleasure in the world and at midnight, I entered our room dressed in just the naughty teddy. He immediately passed a comment and asked me what the treat was for.

I was careful not to reveal the good news so early and said that he will know everything by the end of the night. Until then, he should just enjoy the show. Earlier, I had seen a few videos about erotic seduction and played a few tricks on my husband that turned him on. I was happy to have him this hungry for me. We made love thrice that night consequently at the end of which we were thoroughly exhausted.

We were lying in each other’s embrace when I broke the news of me being pregnant. He was elated and overjoyed. His eyes were glittering with happiness and I can remember every moment of that night. We eventually told everyone in the family and that made everyone really delighted. In the subsequent months, everyone loved me like a queen and I delivered a healthy baby boy.

This was how my life changed by peppering in my bedroom life with the right dose of passion and the right lingerie by Kamuklife. If you are suffering from monotony in the bedroom, I would highly recommend Kamuklife to you. It will cover up for all lost moments and make your life dreamy again.


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