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Going Wild-II: Finding Pleasure like Never Before

Going Wild-II: Finding Pleasure like Never Before

After our consultation session, I was determined to make a difference. The doctor had clearly stated that I need to try new ways to seduce my husband and arouse his desires. If you haven’t read the first part of the story, read it here.

I discovered the world of online lingerie through Kamuklife.com and knew this was what I needed to excite my husband. After browsing the website for a few hours, I chose three hot teddy lingerie and one babydoll lingerie. I read the delivery policy that assured me that the lingerie will be delivered in 100% discreet packaging. This was essential to make sure no one at home knows what I was planning. Though everyone wanted a child but no one is supportive when it comes to seducing in an Indian household.

In a few days, I received the package that I was anticipating. I decided not to wait more and try these out at night when my husband and I will be alone. I didn’t gave my husband any hint about my motives post our meeting with the doctor. He believed that the doctor had made me believe that we cannot be parents ever and that is why I have maintained my silence. He knows nothing about the doctor’s advice to improvise and my plan to act on it.

It was just a normal night like any other. Everyone was following their regular routine. But I, on the other hand, was overjoyed. I literally had to contain my excitement on the dinner table and once everyone had finished and started retiring for bed, I couldn’t wait for more. Though I love my husband completely, sometimes I felt dissatisfied at his disinterest in satisfying me sexually. He was least interested in me when we made out and that left a dark emptiness inside me.

Today, on the other hand, instead of feeling empty, I was feeling vibrant thinking about the hot nighty and sexy lingerie that I had hidden inside my wardrobe.

Once I was done for the day, I found my husband relaxing in our bedroom. I sneaked in quietly to avoid attracting attention and grabbed one teddy set and rushed to the bathroom. Before dressing in the sensual open bust lace teddy lingerie, I took a quick bath to feel refreshed. After trying the lingerie in the bathroom, I took a moment to admire myself in the mirror. The fit was perfect and the color was just perfect to spark an emotion.

I switched off the bathroom light and entered the bedroom where my husband was sitting right in front of the bathroom door. Finding me dressed in an erotic lingerie made a lump inside his throat that I could see. I remembered the doctor’s advice and giggled instantly to make him feel comfortable and tease him at the same time.

“What is this, Shama?” he asked.

“I love you my love and would do anything to take our marriage to the next level. I am here to make you feel comfortable, please you and arouse your senses so that we can have love like never before.” I replied in a sensual tone.

His expressions changed suddenly. I knew he was not much into the kinky stuff but for some reasons he chose to play along. With a wide smile on his face, he came forward and gave a peck on my cheek. I held his hand and hugged her tightly. Making him feel my body in the sensual dress, I slowly moved my hands all over his back.

After this quick hug, I asked him to join me in the bed. Though he was not quite sure what to do, I took charge and made him lie down while I did all the naughty stuff I knew. That night, if not perfect, was the start of an exciting and sensual journey for both of us. Who would have thought her wife for 15 years would act like a hot babe and would give him the time of his life.

In the subsequent nights, I tried different sexy lingerie and every one of those had a magical effect on my husband. Those few nights were the best nights of my life and every time we ended up having hot, passionate sex unlike before. I just hoped that this would work and we would get the result we desired.

To know what changed between Shama and her husband and the result of their naughty endeavor, stay tuned for the next part of the story. Till then, keep browsing www.kamuklife.com to find the perfect lingerie to lure your husband, boyfriend, lover and soul mate.


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