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Going Wild-I: The Distracted Frustration

Going Wild-I: The Distracted Frustration

Who would believe if I say that I love my family but still wish for something that couldn’t ever happen? The thought makes me want to leave my husband for we are the cursed couple in the eyes of the society. We have been married for more than 15 years but still do not have a child. It is not our choice but rather a bad joke of destiny that we have still not accepted wholeheartedly.

Though we live happily in a lively family, I know everyone despises me because I am believed to be the reason for this curse. No one says me anything yet I see a cold stare in the eyes of my mother-in-law every morning when I go to her for blessings. I do everything in my power and I know he also wants to have a child but we were never able to pull it through.

A number of tests and diagnosis has left us with little hope as both of us were sexually fit. Our sexual systems are completely healthy yet we have never felt the real pleasure in all these 15 years. We have tried talking to doctors, consultants, sexologists and everyone says keep trying. But now I am tired of the ordeal. This frustration has taken toll of my sanity and I want a solution or freedom.

As I am quite open with my husband in communication, I once again discussed this problem and asked him to visit a specialist that a friend of mine had suggested long ago. After a bit of persuading, he too agreed to accompany me.

On the said day, we went to the doctor’s clinic. She was a sweet lady in her 30s seeing whom my husband fumbled a little. He asked me why didn’t I tell him that she was a lady. I asked him to relax and just sit through the conversation. The doctor had a look at our case, previous medical history and started asking questions. She advised my husband to leave the room as she would like to talk to me alone.

After my husband left, she asked me what the problem actually was as the reports suggest that both of them are fertile enough to conceive a baby. On her statement, I felt like breaking off and cried a little. She asked me to open up as that will only help in proper diagnosis and treatment. I told how we both love each other but every time we come close, there is a lack of passion from his end. It’s not that he is not interested in me but a general lack of interest in sexual activities.

He was strongly-masculine but was quite shy when it comes to sexual matters. Most of the times it was only me who force him to have a sexual contact. Listening to my statements, she just gave a nod and asked me to calm down as this is quite normal even after years of courtship. She said she understood my frustration and suggested me to do everything that she recommends. I agreed on doing everything in my power to conceive a child.

She asked me to first of all, stop forcing him to get sexual. I was perplexed but she explained how forced sex for him was kind of a responsibility and pleasure-less sex is not a good trigger for fertile sperms. She asked me if I had ever tried to seduce him. I replied that I had not on which she said that this was the biggest mistake I was doing.

She recommended me to try something new in bed, maybe new techniques, postures or positions. She also suggested that I should buy something sexy and dress up seductively every night to attract his attention towards myself. She was right. I had never done something like this and was determined to make this work.

After the consultation session, we both came home. My husband kept asking what the doctor said but I never quite really blurted out. The doctor had told me to keep an element of surprise for seducing and I abided by her suggestion. That night, after my husband dozed off, I browsed the internet for some sexy lingerie ideas. After a few minutes, I came across a website that I should say is one of the best portals to buy sexy lingerie online. Seeing a huge variety of hot nighties, honeymoon lingerie, sexy panties and sex toys, I became excited to buy from Kamuklife.com try these on for seducing my husband.


Read what happened when Shama ordered from Kamuklife.com and came in front of her husband in the next part. Till then, keep igniting the passion with Kamuklife.com.

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