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Getting married soon? These hot honeymoon tips might be just for you!


Consummating one’s marriage is one of the first things that couples think of, as soon as they get married. ‘The First Night’ sounds more like a responsibility than something that you both would enjoy. But the sanctity that the first night holds is beyond mere words and holds an emotional significance.

On the other hand, there is the honeymoon period. A time when all things in your life are as rosy as a painting and life would seem like a fairytale. And if you’ve been chilling and hanging out with your partner during your courtship period, you would have already settled for a few spots that you think would be apt for your honeymoon.

With the location done, you’re gonna shop till you drop for your honeymoon. Why? Because this is the first time you’d be going for a holiday with your partner after tying the nuptials. This is the first time that you both will be spending quality time together minus the catapult that customs and traditions are in the wedding. And it has to be special.

Getting turned on at the honeymoon

When you get married and engage in sex as a married couple, the sexual satisfaction of both the partners becomes of equal importance. And really, what else can be better? When you and your partner are alone on an exotic beach or a picturesque hill station after a hectic week of wedding celebrations and there’s no one else?

To enhance the feel of your honeymoon and take it to another level, these are some tips that you can use: -

1. Take your time

You’re married now, there’s no rush and none of you have anywhere to go. All this can be clubbed to mean that you have ample time to have fun with each other and make love and not simply have sex. There’s a lot to making love than just using sexy lingerie. Take all the time either of you needs, get on the same page or take things slow. The build-up will give you great climax.

2. Include romance in the act

Yes, you’re alone on your honeymoon and it's just your partner. But that does not mean that you will ignore the romance part out of it, remove sexy underwear and dive straight into sex. Include romantic gestures in your foreplay act so your partner feels loved and turned on, all at the same time. You could start with lighting candles, using roses in the room and stuff like that.

3. Get them a treat

A treat for your partner could be sexy panties, or even deep cut, exquisite babydoll lingerie. While at dinner, slip them your garment discreetly in the middle of the event and it’s a 100% chance that they are going to be turned on and cut short the dinner to have dessert off of you!

4. Play sexy games

You’re young; its young love and there’s so much fun to do. You could make your honeymoon amazing with things like sexy games. These could include him being blindfolded and taking off your teddy bra with his teeth. You could order room service and get yourself sweet treats like chocolate, whipped cream, strawberries and ice cream; and lick them off of some really interesting parts of your partner!

5. Get sexiest of the lingerie

Lingerie turns men on than any other element. It’s the Holy Grail that you can never miss out on. To make your honeymoon more exciting and adventurous, you could get some really sexy and hot lingerie for yourself before you leave for your honeymoon. With this, each night will be e heaven for both of you! Are you getting married or are newly married? Check out babydoll and teddy collection for a lot of exciting elements!

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