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Fueling the Unfulfilled Fantasy-III: The Lustful Act of Seduction & Fulfillment

Fueling the Unfulfilled Fantasy-III: The Lustful Act of Seduction & Fulfillment

After the steamy night full of action with Sandhya, our relationship bloomed and reached the next level. It was not that we were in love, but, we looked for reasons to spend more and more time with each other. If you haven’t read the previous parts, read it now: Part-I & Part-II.

Everything was perfect but somehow we were not able to find time for each other. Our professional commitments and the fast-paced routine lifestyle were the main culprit. Several times, we made plans to spend a full day with each other but had to cancel at the last moment due to some unavoidable work emergency. I had been with her for a few weeks now but still wanted more. So, gradually, I started planning for a vacation that would help us rejuvenate and give us time to explore each other’s body together.

I began searching for the ideal destination for a couple like us and after a few days of research, I squared down on the Andaman Islands. Nestled between the sea, it is a haven for adventure enthusiasts as well as honeymoon couples. We were both a mix of the two specimens, so I booked the tickets without telling Sandhya about all this. I also needed to refill my stock of hot, sexy lingerie, teddy and babydoll lingerie that I wanted to see her in. So, once again I placed an order on Kamuklife.com as the quality, fit and designs were at par with any international lingerie brand.

So, with the arrangements done, all I had to do now was to convince Sandhya to accompany me to this amazing trip. Though, I had all the kinky and naughty stuff in mind, a soft corner in my heart wanted her to just accompany me so that I can walk hand in hand with her on a pristine beach while appreciating the Mother Nature. What had started as just a casual fling was now taking shape into a sweet obsession.

I knew my plan was full proof and she would not disappoint me as I had planned everything. So, I just pinged her to meet me after office at a restaurant nearby. She agreed and also said she wanted to share some news, too. Now I was anxious. What if she had some pre-engagement? What will happen to my plan if she doesn’t agree? Still, with a small hope in my heart, I continued working, waiting for the evening.

After I left the office, I straightaway went to a flower shop and bought a lovely bouquet and reached the restaurant. She was not here still which gave me a few moments to freshen up in the bathroom. After about 10 minutes I got her call that she would not be able to meet today as she is stuck in her office. I was heartbroken but didn’t show.

In the next few weeks, we rarely talked, and I felt like a fool having booked everything without even confirming from her. But the tour date was months away. So, maybe I had a chance. On a lazy Saturday, I got a call from her that she is free to meet now, and we can meet at the same bar where we first met. I blissfully agreed and fixed the time to meet. Little did I knew that she already had made plans for me that evening.

When I reached the bar, I found it in complete silence that was totally unusual on a Saturday night. I called out her name and there she was, dressed beautifully in a purple evening gown. She approached me and said, “It has been the loveliest year in my life and I wish we have many more to come in the future.” I was suddenly taken aback. In whole trip planning and disappointment, I had forgotten that its been one year since we first met. And she had planned all this to celebrate a romantic evening with me.

I felt ashamed of myself after that. Having nothing to say or gift her, I just sat there contemplating my next move. Suddenly, I realized that Andaman plan is still on. So, instead of appearing a bit dull, I asked her to join me on the dance floor for a soft number. As I took her in my arms, savoring the ambience, I whispered in her year, “How about spending the rest of your life with me, starting from a lovely trip on the beautiful islands of Andaman this winter?” Now it was her turn to be surprised. She couldn’t believe I had planned something for our future.

She instantly agreed on joining me for the trip and we departed for Andaman the next month. Though it should have been a strictly kinky affair, but I enjoyed how our romance bloomed and we got a chance to know each other’s emotions. We had naughty sex almost every night, everywhere we stayed. I confessed to her about my obsession with lingerie-clad girls and also gave her Kamuklife lingerie that I ordered for her. The whole affair turned out to be an amazing experience- dipped in sessions of dirty sex and passionate pleasure fulfillment. I finally got what I wanted in Sandhya and this is how my desires were fulfilled.


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