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Fueling the Unfulfilled Fantasy: Getting back to the roots

Fueling the Unfulfilled Fantasy: Getting back to the roots

Endeavor to prove myself took me out of this country and I landed in the land of opportunities- United States of America. I came here after completing my post-graduation and got an A-grade job with great perks. From relationships to sex, everything was so casual in this country.

Being from a conservative background all this was a bit fast for me. Over the course of time, I got accustomed to the American culture and loved the openness here.

As I was young and earning well, a lot of girls were attracted to me and I got involved in many casual flings, one-night stands and hookups. I knew there is no morality in the generation there but still somewhere all this was satiating my inner fantasies and I loved the same. After about 5 years of staying in the country, I had to leave for India due to some personal reason, but I never thought I would miss the USA for its frankness. It was after I came back to India and started working that I realized I am back in the country of traditions and taboo.

I couldn’t openly flirt with ladies and practically there was not so glamorous nightlife. In short, my days of quenching my thirst were over. I never thought it would be so hard to settle down in my own country after spending some time abroad. Really, I was frustrated by narrow the perception of people here  The society didn’t allow casual hookups and someone who had been used to this for quite some time, it was hard for me.

My parents wanted me to marry someone, but I was not interested in being with only one person for the rest of my life. In the US, I would have never thought of getting married for life as I had everything I wanted at my disposal. There were times when I and my girlfriend would just go to a sex toys store casually and stock up loads of kinky stuff, hot and sexy lingerie, naughty nighties and honeymoon lingerie just to celebrate a weekend together. But that was not the case in India. There were no such stores here, as if convincing someone to accompany there would have been easy.

All in all, my sexual frustration was growing day by day. I wanted to hook up with someone, but I found there was no chance of doing the same without emotional attachment. Girls here were different- homelier and I didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings only to fulfill my fantasies. But I needed to vent out my frustration, too. I had been working here for a month now and my office culture too was not much open. In my 4 weeks here, all people were interested in was why I left America to slug here in India. No one was my friend there, so I couldn’t really share anything with my colleagues. Still, I was waiting for the right moment that would help me adjust in this culture of hushed conversations.

I knew it would take me a long time to get attached to my roots but right now I needed a girl who would be interested in just a casual encounter and I had no opportunity to find the one. I couldn’t go on social media hunting for girls but I could really make friends in the office- someone who was sexually motivated to try out something kinky. In the next few weeks, I started mingling with my office groups and found a reliable confidante in Shyam.

I had heard he had a very active friend group with lots of girls. I just had to get close to some of them. I didn’t give him an inkling of my intentions but slowly we both bonded and started sharing out secret desires and fantasies. It was at one such time I told him how frustrated I feel after coming back to India. He understood my hint instantly. What happened next is an interesting tale that introduced me to Sandhya- a hottie who turned my world upside down and helped me relive my secret fantasies. To know more about what happened between me and Sandhya, stay hooked to Kamuklife.com and wait for the next part of this story.


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