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Fueling the Unfulfilled Fantasy: Finding Everything that Matters

Fueling the Unfulfilled Fantasy: Finding Everything that Matters

Meeting Sandhya via common friend Shyam had built some amount of hope inside me. It was not that I was just waiting to get hooked but I wanted a girl just for companionship. If you haven’t read the last part, read it now- here.

I met Sandhya on a warm evening at a local pub. She was not shy like other girls and knew how to enjoy her life. That evening she was alone, but she told me that she loved to hang around with her friends. I was happy that we were on the same page when it came to enjoying life. That night we just talked, unfolding our likes, dislikes and interests in front of each other. By the end of it, we both knew there was some chemistry between both of us.

Over the course of next few weeks, we were constantly connected to each other through chat, voice calls and video calls. We were kind of hooked to each other. It was not love for both of us, but a strange sense of attraction. She knew about my lifestyle back in the US and I knew she didn’t mind hooking up casually.

We met again at a downtown pub but this time something was different. Throughout the evening she kept throwing hints at me. As I was a pro at this game, I knew what she wanted from me. She was looking for some action. And I was happy to oblige. That night we ended up at my apartment and had a steamy make out session on the couch. We were about to go all the way when she just passed out. Maybe alcohol or satisfied desires passed her out. But I was happy to have got a person who loved making love to me and in return just desired more love.

For the next few days, I was thinking more and more about Sandhya. I was eager to fulfill some of my naughtier fantasies with her but here in India, I didn’t had access to sex toys and lingerie stores like I had in the US. For all I knew I could gift her a piece of simple lingerie that could be brought from local stores. But that was nowhere near the level of kinkiness I desired to indulge in.

One morning talking to Shyam, I told him my need. He told me about Kamuklife.com from where he used to buy hot nighties, honeymoon lingerie, teddy lingerie and more for her girlfriend. He told how simple it was to order online and as the website sends everything in a discreet packaging, one can order confidently.

I took out time that night to browse the website and found some really sexy stuff that I ordered instantly for Sandhya. In a few days I got all the stuff I wanted. Now I had to convince her to wear all that and ride the tide of fantasies with me. I knew she was on, but I wanted it to be different. So, the next time we were making a plan to meet, I invited her to my apartment instead of meeting at a bar.

I arranged for a candle light dinner with red wine and arranged everything to create a lovely aura. She came home dressed in pretty pink one-piece. But I convinced her to take a shower and change in the dress I had kept for her in the bedroom closet. She was skeptical but agreed. In about 15 minutes, she came back, dressed in an alluring and seductive honeymoon baby doll lingerie that clung to her sexy figure perfectly. She was giving naughty looks and I knew I had hit a home run.

We danced for a while in the same attire, had a lovely dinner and ended up cuddling each other on the same couch where we made out last time. I knew today we would move a step ahead. But I want to savor this moment as it was after so long that I was really enjoying the company of a sexy lady.

We were engrossed in slow and wet kisses and that was where I told her how much I lusted for her body in the past. I was totally going in the flow and felt like I have got everything I had waited for in just a moment. That was one of the most memorable nights of my life, but I was not yet done with Sandhya. I wanted to savor more of her and planned something lovely, where we could be freer to explore each other. To know what my plan was and how Sandhya and I enjoyed the rest of our relationship, read the next part, only on Kamuklife.com.




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