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Find out what your choice of honeymoon destination reveals about your relationship

Find out what your choice of honeymoon destination reveals about your relationship

Honeymoon is the best thing for a newlywed couple. As your relationship is fresh, you get a lot of time to know each other and become comfortable when you are on honeymoon. But do you know that your honeymoon destination choice reflects some very important aspects of your relationship? We bet you had no idea about this. Read on to find out.

Mutual decision or imposed command

Was your honeymoon destination picked mutually, or was the choice of destination imposed upon you? This question has a lot to say about your relationship. If your partner just chose one destination and informed you about the plans that mean he is a dominant person. Relationship with such a person is a relationship of fear and submissiveness. In such a relationship you would never be able to discuss something with him, freely.

Instead, if your choice of honeymoon destination was a mutual decision, then your relationship is friendlier in nature. Your partner respects your opinion and will continue to seek advice from you for life.

Tropical beach or hillside destination

Choosing a honeymoon destination is hard. If your honeymoon destination is a beach city, your partner wants you to flaunt your curves. This also means your partner cherishes your body and does not mind seeing you in a sexy lingerie or bikini in the open.

On the other hand, if your partner and you are planning to spend your honeymoon on a hill station, you both love personal intimate time more than anything. You love to cuddle in the bed in freezing temperatures. You can still choose to flaunt your curves in the bedroom with honeymoon lingerie or special nighty for honeymoon.



Honeymoon destination choice has a lot to say about your relationship. If you think a bit deeper about your honeymoon, you will get to know a lot about your partner and your marital relationship. Stop worrying if things are not as you thought them to be. You can make a change anytime by alluring your partner through your behavior. So, what are you waiting for, try out something kinky for the night with Kamuklife.com. Browse an exciting range of sexy lingerie or honeymoon lingerie at Kamuklife.com.


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