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Every Wife’s Problem: I never thought living in a joint family would ruin my personal life

Every Wife’s Problem: I never thought living in a joint family would ruin my personal life

When I first met him, I never would have thought I would marry him. Things worked out fine between us and we ended up being married after being in a relationship for 5 long years. In the beginning everything seemed fine. We were like a large happy family living under the same roof. But now that I look back at three years that we spent together, I feel sad about what we lost.

I never thought living in a joint family would take my husband away from me. All these years I had been thinking about how hard he works and how he deserved all the love and affection in the world. I tried to be an ideal wife- taking care of his family during the day, and addressing his whims and fantasies at night. But still, something turned him off completely.

He rarely talks to me these days, let alone the chances of being intimate. When you have scores of people living in the same house, privacy is a far-fetched dream. In the start, he would take me on lovely vacations where we would spend days and nights in each other’s arms, but all this is not a thing of past.

Of late, I think he has given up on me and lost interest. I even suspect him of having an affair with some office chick. But as a wife, I cannot do much. I tried sparking the lost passion by being extra generous towards him, trying to please him at night, but most often, he is tired or I am busy in the kitchen at the end of which we just go to bed without even sharing a moment of intimacy. On the top of it, the kids and elders in the home make it impossible for us to steal a quick moment of love.

I definitely need to do something about it lest I will lose my husband soon.


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