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Every Wife’s Problem- IV: The Naughty Vacation

Every Wife’s Problem- IV: The Naughty Vacation

In the previous episodes, you read how Rama was anxious to make her husband attracted to herself again and how she used sexy lingerie to her benefit. If you haven’t read the previous parts, read them here. Let’s continue the story and show you how everything changed Rama’s life forever.

When I came to know that my husband has planned an exotic vacation at a holiday resort, I was overjoyed. I had all these kinky scenarios running in my mind and felt like we were going on a second honeymoon. It was essential that I ordered a fresh set of honeymoon lingerie from Kamuklife.com to prepare for the trip.

I discussed the trip details with my husband who told me it is a special vacation where we would just spend time with each other. He kept the details hidden and asked me to wait till I reach the destination. In the next one week, I received nighty for honeymoon and sexy lingerie that I ordered and I was all set to go on my honeymoon.

Once we left home, he revealed how he found out a couple’s only resort on a secluded beach and booked us a honeymoon cottage there. I was overjoyed. In a few hours, we reached that place and I was mesmerized to check out the beauty of the place. Everywhere I saw, I found peace and solace that was a luxury living in a joint family. After relaxing for a while in our cottage, my husband said how he found me toiling day in and out for his family and he wanted to make amends.

He said he wants me to relax for the next one week and just want to spend some quality time together. He didn’t know I had made preparations for making that quality time even more memorable. After an evening stroll, when we retired to our bedroom, I made my move, just like I made on the first night. I chose a Lace Transparent Bra Set from Kamuklife for this night. As soon as I came to the bedroom, my husband’s eyes gleamed like sparkling stars. I was sure he loved what he saw. The rest of the night, we tried a number of kinky and naughty moves and the same continued for the rest of the trip. We rarely left the resort but chose to refresh our bond by being a naughty day in and out and trying kinky stuff.

While we stayed in bed till late afternoons, at night, we chose to play some naughty games with each other. My husband suggested strip poker and I delightfully obliged to his request. After all, what’s a wife that can’t fulfill her husband’s fantasies? No one really knew what changed between us after the trip, but our family found us to be happier, merrier and more delighted than ever.

No more he hid anything from me and I at the same time ensured he gets what he desired, fantasized and deserved. I am really happy that I explored the world of online sexy lingerie shopping that made my marriage blissful once again.

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