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Every Wife’s Problem-III: The Night of Action

Every Wife’s Problem-III: The Night of Action

In the previous two episodes, you read how Rama was worried about her husband’s lost interest in her and how her friend suggested her to try the world of online lingerie shopping. If you haven’t read the previous parts, read the first episode here & the second one here. Read the final episode, here

As you know my apprehensions were shed off when I received Kamuklife’s lingerie in a concealed packaging. I was determined to give my relationship the required boost and thought of choosing the coming weekend to try out the sexy lingerie I ordered in front of my husband.

I never revealed my excitement or let my husband know about my intentions. I knew it would be hard to make move during the day in presence of all the family members. So, I kept my excitement at bay and involved myself in routine affairs. As the day came to an end and everyone retired to their respective bedrooms, I thought of taking the first step.

I knew my husband was relaxing in our bedroom watching his favorite sitcom. I tiptoed into the room careful not to grab attention and moved straight to the bathroom. I had already moved Kamuklife’s lingerie set to the bathroom and after taking the bath, draped myself in the same attire.

The silky softness of the fabric and the perfect fit made me more confident about my plan. And when I was ready, I opened the bathroom door and went in front of my husband. At once, he was surprised by my move. Seeing me in red erotic teddy lingerie made him gulp saliva down his throat. I knew the sexual tension building between us two right then and there. He picked the remote to switch off the television and that was a sign for me.

As I approached the bed, he became ferocious and started kissing me deep everywhere. I shed off my shyness and satiated his sexual lust by reciprocating his act and giving him a nice time. Once we both were through with the foreplay, the steamy action started. I must confess that was one of the best in a while and my husband also told me he desperately needed me.

He revealed how much stressed he was seeing me toiling day in and out in routine homely affairs and thought I was not interested in making a move at night. Thinking that I might be tired, he suppressed his feelings many times during the past few months. He loved how I specially dressed for him that night and that was when I told him about online lingerie shopping at Kamuklife. He loved the way I took an initiative and ended up browsing the website for more sensual lingerie pieces. He even bought a honeymoon lingerie for me and asked me to buy teddy lingerie. All in all, we ended up making sensual love almost every night after that night of action and he was happy to revive the lost spark. Now everything had turned lovely between us once again.

While I was enjoying my days and nights with him, he surprised me one day to reveal that we were going on an exotic vacation- just the two of us and how he planned it as our second honeymoon. Read more about our escapades at a holiday resort in the next part. Till then, stay tuned to Kamuklife.com.

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