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Every Wife’s Problem-II: Discovering the Amazing World of Online Lingerie Shopping

Every Wife’s Problem-II: Discovering the Amazing World of Online Lingerie Shopping




In the last episode of this story, you read how Rama felt stuffed because of living in a joint family and how that was ruining her relationship with her husband. If you haven’t read the first episode, read here. Now let’s move ahead.

I was determined to revive my relationship with my husband. I know if I tried, the lost spark will reinvigorate. But I didn’t really know what to do and how to make things work, till I met Seema.

Seema is my childhood friend who was visiting my city to handle some professional commitments. She called me one day to announce her arrival and asked to meet to catch up. I was not so eager to meet her but agreed. I never realized at that point in time that she will come as a blessing in disguise and show me the path I was looking for.

When I met her, I found her charm intact. She seemed happy. After casual talks about our past, she directly moved over to the subject of my relationship. It was as if she has touched a paining wound. She understood that everything was not quite good.

This was when she suggested something that I would never have thought of. She told her own story about how her husband disregarded her at all times and how their relationship was on a downhill. She took things in her hand and took an initiative to please her husband sexually and that is what changed everything for her.

When I asked her specifics, she told me about her secret wardrobe comprising of a wide range of sexy lingerie. Every night she would dress just like she did on her honeymoon and began her work towards enchanting her husband. Though at first, her husband did not reciprocate her feelings but seeing her in sexy panties and honeymoon lingerie, day after another, turned the tables. Soon her husband started making love like never before and this was the end of their discord. Now she and her husband are always on the same page.

When I asked how she managed to get all this stuff without attracting the attention of family members or being embarrassed in front of store owners. This is what she said, “Darling, we don’t live in the 20th century. It is the world of online shopping and internet. Kamuklife.com helped me get everything I wanted without any embarrassment.”

During our advanced discussions, she told me how she found Kamuklife.com online and started buying honeymoon lingerie and nighties for honeymoon. She logged in to the website on her laptop and showed me how simple it was to buy these things, online. Moreover, the discretion promise with discreet packaging made it ideal for me while living with the whole family. She persuaded me to give this a try.

As soon as I went home, I logged into Kamuklife.com and browsed through their complete range. I was amazed at the variety and sexiness of the lingerie pieces. I choose one for me and clicked on the Buy Now button. After a few days, the packaged arrived at my doorstep with a discreet packaging. I was afraid that anyone in the family would notice, but the careful packaging concealed what was inside and made it easier for me to take this to my bedroom. I was ready for starting my mission to improve my relationship.

Read about how she used the sexy lingerie to seduce her husband and revive her relationship in the next blog. Till then, stay hooked to Kamuklife.com.

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