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The Enticing Vacation-III: Unfurling Passions through Seduction

The Enticing Vacation-III: Unfurling Passions through Seduction

Shivani and Rajiv were in Shivani’s room after a hot make-out session at the beach. If you haven’t read the previous parts of the story, read part-I and part-II first. Shivani was prepared for a hot night but Rajiv was not really sure what was about to happen. Though he had been in a few relationships before, he had never been part of a casual fling.

Shivani, on the other hand, was completely amateur practically but knew what was to be done. Moreover, the intoxicating effect of multiple beers had taken over her. After coming out of the bathroom in a hot nighty, Shivani was giggling openly. She asked Rajiv if he liked her. Rajiv was open in his thoughts and said he would love to spend more time with her.

She came forward and planted a kiss directly on his cheeks at first and then lip locked him in a passionate kiss. He was thoroughly enjoying it after initial hesitation and got into the act. In a while, both forgot where they were and were entwined in a tight embrace. Shivani confessed she was long looking for an intimate relationship and wanted something exciting from this Goa trip.

She was eager to show her curves that she had covered in sexy lingerie. After the passionate kiss, Rajiv came to his senses and asked if she really wanted to go ahead. Shivani covered her lips again and asked him to stay put. Slowly she started stripping herself and asked if Rajiv liked what he saw. Rajiv was starting to get turned on by Shivani’s moves now but he didn’t want to hurt her.

Though he had met her for the first time in Goa, he had a crush on her for long. He never told anyone about it but his sole purpose of coming to Goa was to come close to Shivani. Never in his dreams had he thought about the night at the beach and everything that was happening to him. He was happy but wanted Shivani to be in her senses before progressing further.

He tried talking some sense into Shivani at first. Shivani, on the other hand, though being intoxicated knew what she was doing. Years of being disciplined had suppressed her inner passions and now she wanted to feel the pleasures of womanhood. Before proceeding further, she asked Rajiv if he was fine doing this to which Rajiv agreed. That was the point where Shivani knew she would not stop. She leaped over Rajiv and asked him to surprise her.

He immediately took charge and said, “I love you, Shivani.” Shivani was stunned at his remark instead of being surprised. She asked if he was joking. On this, he revealed how he had liked her from the first day of college and this was the reason for his distance from her despite being from the same group. Shivani’s seduction tide was now replaced by a tide of newfound affection. She had never thought someone would love her. But now she stood here, clad in a hot lingerie in front of a person who claimed that he loved her.

She didn’t know what she should do. But instead of ruining the moment she thought of playing along and asked Rajiv to make her believe that he loved her. That was an indication for Rajiv and they made hot love that night in the room.

In the next few days, they announced their relationship to their friends in Goa and now they also became part of the couple gang. One night, at the bonfire by the beach, the couples began discussing their fantasies where Ashish said he liked seeing her girl in honeymoon lingerie that he orders from Kamuklife.com. He also asked everyone to try the website for naughty fun in the bedroom. That was when Shivani came to knew about the world of online lingerie and saved the website in her thoughts for future reference.

Over the course of next few months, Shivani seduced Rajiv multiple times by getting into sexy lingerie that she ordered from Kamuklife. The best part she believed that never her parents came to know about all this because of the discreet packaging. After three years of serious relationship, they announced it to their folks who were happy to accept their relationship. Shivani and Rajiv soon married after graduating from college and now live a happy, contented and sexually-active life, energized by Kamuklife.com.


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