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The Enticing Vacation-II: Lone Night at the Beach

The Enticing Vacation-II: Lone Night at the Beach

Till now you read how Shivani accompanied her college group on a trip to Goa and found how it was a strictly couples-only trip with special arrangements. If you haven’t read the first part of the story, read it here.

After a stressful journey and embarrassing confrontation, spending soothing moments at the beach was like blissful heaven. The serene atmosphere, cool breeze and calm waves made me love Goa in an instant. As the beach was completely secluded, I felt comfortable in being myself. I played with the waves, ran to my heart’s content and wished the time would never end. The best part was that this part of the beach was at a stone’s throw from my resort. So, I could enjoy until late night without worries.

After the sunset, the beach became a cool oasis and I wished no one to come here. I strolled across the whole length of the beach and chose to sit atop a rock opposite the shore. My meditative spirit was disturbed by some activity at the other end of the beach. I felt angry at first but observed that it was not the couples but a single soul who just like me was playing on the beach, all alone.

I let him wander for a while but found out that he was starting to come directly towards me. At first, I became anxious about what to do but as he came close I found that he was also the part of our college group. I had seen him a couple of times but we both had not directly introduced ourselves, ever.

After a while, I saw him coming towards me that made me cautious of his presence. But as he approached, something made me believe that he is not there to hit on me. He waved at me and climbed the rock to sit close to me. That was the moment when he formally introduced himself as Rajiv. We casually chatted for a while about how bad an idea was to come on a trip made for couples. I came to know he was also single and was frustrated of these couples all around.

Talking to him, I lost the hold of time to realize it was already past midnight. I enjoyed his company thoroughly and wished we were more than just acquaintances. Just as I was about to leave, he asked me to stay for a while to enjoy the beach at night. I agreed because he appeared to be a decent fellow not knowing that the night would change the course of my life.

He asked me to accompany him to walk along the shoreline and during the walk, I casually held his hand. He smiled meekly and revealed that this is the first time he is with a girl at night. I got his hint but chose to ignore the same. His soothing voice along with breeze was doing something magical to me. I had always wanted to be in a relationship but didn’t want to start something on a fling. Nevertheless, I stopped him and gave him a passionate kiss, right there and then. I don’t know what got into me but at the end of it, we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was totally spontaneous yet I didn’t give that a break.

After a quick make session, we just sat on the sand when he talked how he was never into this relationship thing just like me. But at the same time, he also told how much he loved this casual encounter. His innocence turned me on and suddenly reminded me of the sexy lingerie in my closet that Shruti gave me. Now I understood her clue and knew why she gave that to me. I wanted this fling to be a dirty night and asked Rajiv if he would like to have a couple of beers with me. He agreed instantly and we came back to the resort to get hold of a couple of beers. After our booze session at the beach, I was intoxicated and started asking if Rajiv liked kissing me. I was totally shameless but my hidden desires to try out honeymoon lingerie have taken control of me. I called Shruti instantly to ask where she was. She said she is not at the resort and will come the next morning. I got the chance I wanted and asked Rajiv to accompany me to my room.

The night was still sensual and I chose to tempt Rajiv through my sexy moves. Asking him to wait on the bed, I went to the bathroom to change in one of the hot nighties of Shruti with sexy lingerie underneath. Goa had played its magic on me and I was ready to seduce an innocent batchmate to be naughty. To read what Rajiv & Shivani did that night, read the next part of the story. Till then, keep browsing Kamuklife.com for more fun.


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