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The Enticing Vacation-I: Getting Along the Group

The Enticing Vacation-I: Getting Along the Group

Once we passed the first semester, I really was starting to feel comfortable with my peers at college. Though there were some trouble-makers but overall my college gang was an easy-going lot. We used to hang around even after college hours and made sure each one had a jolly time. College was a heaven for couples. In our group alone, I could count at least 7 couples, each with a unique story of love. Though, I appreciated their feelings but felt I would never be part of a romantic relationship, ever. This changed during the next few weeks when our group made plans to visit Goa in the vacations.

Though I loved hanging around with my peers, I was not quite sure to accompany them to Goa for a trip. There were multiple reasons for the same. My biggest concern was that almost everyone on the trip was committed and this trip was more of a couple’s retreat. I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable and make others feel the same. I was not even sure if anyone apart from the love birds was going to Goa. Shruti convinced me that there were a lot of girls who were going along and this would be a great chance to relax and create some great memories. Skeptically, I signed up for the trip and in a week, we were off to Goa.

On reaching Goa, I felt everyone has changed. I found out that our group has booked a private resort that had special couple rooms. I felt cheated but thought of tagging along with everyone. All the single girls were assigned their rooms and I was sharing my room with Shruti. I asked her why she brought me here if everyone had plans to enjoy with their partners. I knew this trip was more like a honeymoon for these love-smitten folks. She reassured me that everything would be fine and we will have lots of fun. After relaxing for a while, she asked me if I had brought any sexy lingerie with me. I became a bit shy in this discussion but she motivated me to open up. I revealed that I had never tried any lingerie or hot nighty ever in life. She gave a loud laugh and commented on how innocent I was.

She unpacked and showed me some hot honeymoon lingerie pieces and sexy panties. She also told how easy it has become to buy these without embarrassment due to online shopping portals like Kamuklife.com. She offered me one set which I refused but she insisted that I would need the same in the future with a wink. I didn’t understand her tone but kept the same with my luggage. After resting for a while, we planned to stroll on the beach overlooking the resort. She told how everyone was planning on camping on the beach with bonfire, booze and dance. Again, I became skeptical but thought of giving this a shot and got ready for our beach endeavor.

I had not thought that the beach party will end up being one of the best moments in life. I knew I was here for 15 days so thought of forgetting who I was and enjoy my freedom. Maybe, life had a beautiful surprise for me in store. So, after this discussion and introspection, I along with Shruti and some other girls strolled towards the beach. When we reached there, we found almost everyone was lip-locked with their partners. Only couples were present there and after asking someone there we found that all the arrangements for the party have been made keeping couples in mind. This was a major turnoff for all of us, especially me. Instead of joining the couples, I took a leave and thought of spending some alone time in the solitude of the other side of the beach.

The soothing breeze and sunset worked wonders and in a few minutes, I felt happy that I came here. This part of the beach was secluded but I was not afraid of walking alone here.


Read how Shivani found her soulmate on the beach and how their love story unfolded in the subsequent parts of the story ‘The Enticing Vacation’. Till then, keep browsing for sexy lingerie at Kamuklife.com.


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