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Diary of a Metro Girl – Chapter 1

Diary of a Metro Girl – Chapter 1

Kanchan was just like any normal girl. But Mumbai gave her the strength to carve her own destiny and enjoy life. Let’s read a page in her personal diary and find out how she enjoyed her first intimate encounter.

They say, dreams come true when you work for them. Well, I never believed as I never got anything I dreamed of even when I worked hard. I was just a young girl stuck in a loop of studies, responsibilities and maintaining the family honor. Nothing is really fascinating about growing up in a small city. You know everyone, and everyone knows you. This leaves no chance of you goofing around on the streets with your friends. And on the top of that, you need to fight the corrupted ‘small town mentality’ on an everyday basis.

“Don’t talk to boys”, “Don’t party”, “Don’t stay outdoors after the dark” and a million of other guidelines for a young woman that are not meant to be broken. Well, I was quite used to it and was adjusting till the day I started dreaming about shifting to a metro city like Delhi or Mumbai.

I clearly remember that day. It was my college’s ‘Result Day’. A lot was dependent on my performance in my exams and I had really worked hard to get a good score. I wanted to pursue my passion for writing but for that I needed to ace my college result. As I logged on to the online result portal and typed my roll number, the website went berserk and after a wait of about 5 minutes, the result was in front of me: passed with an aggregate of 83% in MA English (Honors). An achievement indeed.

The first step to my freedom was complete. Now I had to find a job and convince my parents. And let me tell you, I found it easier to find a job than to talk my parents into sending me to a big city. But somehow I managed everything and here I am- sitting in my cozy little 1 BHK apartment in a sleepy suburb of Mumbai.

I joined as a copywriter in one of the growing advt. agencies in western India and felt completely in control of my life. I dream of becoming an epitome of strong, independent, modern urban woman with peculiar choices and a chic personality. But hidden somewhere deep inside my heart are also some kinky and not so decent desires, too. Now that I am here, maybe destiny will give me a chance to even fulfill those.

Now, coming to my life in Mumbai, or as nostalgic peeps fondly call it – Bombay. Well, for the first time in my life, I am completely on my own, which means I can decide what to wear, whom to talk with, what to eat and a lot many things. Work is good, I am learning quickly and being appreciated well by my seniors. Talking about how I feel- well, I feel fantastic. For a girl who has been born and bred under a strict ‘girl-only’ policy, working in an urban environment brings quite a few perks. I actually get to interact with handsome boys, some of which even seem interested in me. For the first time in life, I feel beautiful and am paying attention to what I wear and how I look.

Well, let me tell you an interesting thing. I actually got a crush on someone on my first day at the office. He is a handsome young man of 26 who works in another department. As I have never been so close to males, naturally I feel more conscious whenever he is around. But I haven’t been able to initiate a conversation with him. I feel he is way out of my league, at present. I need to amp up my game before I really make a move. So, to do that, I downloaded a dating app and started swiping right to find an appropriate match. But destiny had some other plans for me- to help me open up and improve my game.

It all started when I started taking local to my office. Initially for the first week, I felt quite unsafe and only boarded the Ladies Coach. But as I became more open with Mumbai, I didn’t mind boarding any coach and quite frankly sometimes time didn’t allow me to make an informed choice. Well, in my daily travel to office, I found Vikram.

He might not be equally handsome as my office colleague, but he wasn’t even that bad. It all started when he helped me handle the rhythmic pushes from others inside the local. On exchanging pleasantries, I came to know he also works in an office, nearby.

Over the course of next few days, we became good friends, or I should say ‘Travel Buddies’. Daily, we boarded from the same station at the same time and returned likewise. It was during one of our talking sessions on the train when he told he also hails from a small town and is here all by his own. I felt empathetic to him, just like a person who understands the pain and struggle. Promptly, I asked him what’s his plan for the weekend and invited him to my flat.

I know it’s too soon to ask a stranger to come home, but we had been going around Mumbai together for a month. He felt safe. Moreover, the prospect of starting a relationship with a male raised my excitement levels. So, well, after initial reluctance he agreed to visit me on Sunday.

Though I had never been with a boy alone inside a house, I was quite confident and felt chirpy. At 3:00 pm, my doorbell rang, and after exchanging the usual greetings, we ended up sitting in the bedroom as I didn’t have any living room furniture. We were discussing our lives back home and how Mumbai was so liberating. I don’t know what happened and I ended up asking if he is in a relationship with someone. When he replied in negative, my joy knew no bounds.

After spending an hour with him, I started drifting the conversation to his life, his desires and he too took the hint and started responding with interest. I knew I was being more than inviting but at that moment it seemed right. One thing led to another, and there, it happened- the first kiss of my life. It came as an electric jolt and I was totally engrossed in him.

He was enjoying it too because he was in no mood to leave me and I never thought I would lose my virginity to a stranger in Mumbai. I didn’t regret it though. He was gentle all along and we really enjoyed it. I felt satisfied because my raging desire to hook up impromptu was fulfilled. Mumbai was indeed liberating and fulfilling.

For the next time, I planned to arrange for some sexy lingerie to try on and take our ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement to a higher level. He had told me about this website Kamuklife.com while talking casually about his friend the other day and let’s see how much Kamuk I can be for him.

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