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Demystifying the Female Orgasm

Demystifying the Female Orgasm

For men, satisfying a woman is one of the greatest mysteries on the planet. Men, irrespective of their sexual experiences and maturity levels, are unable to comprehend the process of female orgasm. Let’s try to untangle the myths around female orgasm.

Well, it’s not a man’s fault that they cannot understand the female sexual libido and satisfaction. Female orgasms are much more complex at physiological and psychological levels. A regular guy doesn’t have the patience and skills to make a female feel the absolute sexual bliss.

Women are more experience-centric and imaginative

While most men get sexually excited and charged by action, females are more inclined to the mental notes and the overall experience. Men are visual creatures who can get turned on by pictures, videos and even the naked female body. But women are not so simple.

Women get aroused by sensory stimulations like touch, smell and ambience. They imagine more deeply and expect to have a complete experience. That is the main reason why women love to close their eyes during a sexual act or feel supercharged by reading or hearing erotica or sexually-explicit language.

A lot of psychiatrists have tried to comprehend the process of female orgasms and have found that desire is an important element. Women get psychological pangs and their desire is more about the experience and imagination.

Many studies even revealed that women can even think themselves to actual climax. Not every woman can do so, but the ingrained neurological strength and imaginative power have a big role in enhancing pleasure and achieving sexual satisfaction.

The fantasy paradox

Females have exploratory sexual fantasies and that have always confused their partners. A man loves to think about what his partner thinks about while having sex. Whom does she fantasize about during the actions? And according to sexologists and experts, the way men and women create and perceive sexual fantasies are different.

Females think more about trying out challenging sexual postures and situations. That turns them on. While men love to have sexual fantasies where they engage in sex with more than one partner. The basic difference in the type of sexual fantasies has a strong role to play in the sexual satisfaction process.

Women’s sexual fantasies have more chances of getting fulfilled in life. When a woman has an active sexual life, she is closer to her fantasies- turning her on easily and reaching climax, smoothly. Men on the other hand have complex fantasies that don’t see the light of the day in real life, leading them to be less sexually satisfied in bed on a routine basis. They have bigger hopes and when it comes to reality, men feel they are not doing enough, leading to frustration.

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What women feel during an orgasm?

Female mind is more complex than its male counterpart. But does the orgasm have any physiological process? Well, it seems that there is really a process to how females feel orgasmic and reach a climax.

When women are sexually aroused, the body gets ready for an orgasm. There are more than one signs of sexual arousal. Heavy breathing, hardened nipples, tendency to slightly arch the back and flushed appearance are some of the striking signs of an aroused woman.

If you have a long-term partner and are intimate with her on a regular basis, you would experience more signs near the privates. More vaginal lubrication and parted legs are the body’s way of telling that the woman is ready for orgasm. The clitoris becomes more accessible and hardened before orgasm and will twitch just before an orgasm.

During an orgasm, vagina contracts vigorously and each contraction last for a few seconds with gaps between contractions. The signs of orgasmic contractions can even extend to the anus and uterus in some women. And during the process the breathing becomes shallow and you might hear panting or moaning. Contractions will become sharper and faster as time passes by and at the height of an orgasm, your partner’s body will feel stiff and rigid. Instantly, in a moment she will feel extremely relaxed and she might even ejaculate- that depends on person to person.


Female orgasm has kept men thinking for centuries. Mystery has remained stronger because a women needn’t feel sexual satisfaction for being pregnant. That is why most partners don’t care about their needs and desires. Unlike men, orgasm in women is solely for pleasure purposes. Maybe, that is why it’s widely discussed but less understood. But as people become more open to sexual experiences, the situation has improved.

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