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Dealing With Body Issues? Here's How To Embrace Your Real Body

Dealing With Body Issues? Here's How To Embrace Your Real Body


Both men and women are often conscious of how they look, especially their bodies. We are quite critical of ourselves and even judgmental of others. While most aspire having an hour-glass figure or six packs, even those who have seemingly near-perfect bodies are constantly questioning themselves. That people are quick to judge and body shame others is a trend that is visible on social media. People post pictures on Instagram where only the perfect angle highlights their assets.

Body issues are real – some people grapple with being to lean, whereas others aspire to be slimmer. Couples are also critical of each other and while a man may desire that his partner is curvier, the woman may want a six-pack on her partner. Dealing with a negative body image that you hold is a challenge, but not insurmountable. Here are three ways in which a couple can embrace their real body.


  1. Accept your body


The first step to deal with any negative body image such as “I am too chubby” or “I have dark skin” is to acceptance. A couple can encourage each other and propel positive body image by telling their partner they find them perfect as they are. Often, insecurities arise when a loved one sees their partner in a negative light. Comments such as “you have a small bosom” or “you have a big buttock” can affect the relationship, especially when made during love-making. The partner at whom the comment is directed can end up feeling inept. Even comments such as “your eyes are nice, but would be nicer if they were larger” can affect one’s confidence.

It is important to remember that each person has a unique built and our body size or shape is also attributed to our genes.

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  1. Love thyself

The next step to overcome any body image issues is to build your confidence. To have a “I care a damn about what others say” attitude is important, because if you are happy with who you are what others say is inconsequential. Partners can also help build up each other’s confidence. Positive reinforcements such as “I love you the way you are” are a great confidence booster. For a couple, even the bedroom talk becomes just as important in building a positive body image. If a couple embraces each other’s flab or supposed flaws, instead of making them seem like a negative, then half the battle is won.


  1. You’re worth it!

It is important to reprogram your brain and keep reminding yourself that you are amazing. Remember we are what we believe. So surround yourself with positive people and rewire yourself to think positively. If you hold on to the belief that you are ugly and fat, then this thought process will stick with you. Instead of putting yourself down, lift your psyche up with positive reinforcements such as “I am amazing, I’m fantastic in every way.” Couples can assist each other in this process by reminding each other how wonderful the partner is. Don’t knock each other down, tell your partner how good he or she is in bed, what a wonderful lover they are and that they are perfect the way they are.

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