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Corsets and Curves – Accentuate Your Assets with Corset Lingerie

Corsets and Curves – Accentuate Your Assets with Corset Lingerie

This is not about you having an hourglass or pear shaped body. Nor it is about possessing a curvy butt or a large bust. It’s about what makes you feel good inside out. It’s about comfort and sexiness amalgamated into the most beautiful thing ever. It’s about the sexy lace lingerie. It’s about corsets and much more.

When you go out to hunt lingerie for yourself, it must not be a difficult task (yes, we know that’s not the common notion, though!). Lingerie is less about what your body type is and more about what you feel good in. Intimate wear doesn’t have a book of hard and fast rules tagging along. The more confident you feel in a piece of lingerie, the sexier you look. The real power play is the sexiness and the confidence exuded by you.

When you’re choosing intimate wear, try to focus on your assets and hide the areas of trouble. Pick whatever makes you feel confident about your body. Confidently own your body – including the imperfections and all. Your partner will surely think you look great when you exude confidence and the little extra jiggle in your butt or thighs will probably be overlooked. On the other hand, obsessing over the perceived flaws will be a turn off for both of you.

Corset lingerie is one of the most common lingerie types when we’re talking of sexiness. It is a great way if you wish to draw attention to your bust and gives a little extra lift to you (bonuses are always welcome, aren’t they?). If you wish to draw undivided attention to the area, the colour play is what seals the deal. If you have a dark complexion, white or light colored pieces look stunning. Conversely black or other darker hues are a great contrast for fair skinned babes. Are you still unsure? You can surely NEVER go wrong with the sexy red!

Hide the areas that drain you of self-confidence!

Corsets are customizable to your individual body shape. Hence, even if you have a big bust and a small waist, it suits very well. You can conceal that tummy with this seductive lingerie. Couple it up with a pair of shorts and drive your man crazy! You’ll be amazed by the inches trimmed off of your waist, effortlessly. You may even add some high heels and make your butt and legs look leaner, longer and toned. You may also add in a garter belt and enhance the focus on those pretty legs.

Why corsets, you ask? – Simply because of the irresistible benefits (wink, wink*)!

For decades, corsets have been a symbol of femininity, intrigue, and sexuality. Women simply love the look and feel of this erotic lingerie because wearing one boosts their self - esteem and sexual image. Once upon a time (and that’s really long, long ago), corsets were majorly worn merely to help us fit into clothing. They were tightened (too uncomfortably) in order to achieve a perfect hourglass figure. Fortunately, those days (of corset torture) are gone. Yet, this hot sexy lingerie remains popular till date for a variety of reasons. It not only flatters your figure but has other benefits which remain unmatched by most other pieces of lingerie. Why don’t you have a look for yourself!

Accentuate your Assets - Have you ever faced the situation where you thought the lingerie was perfect but it just wasn’t (and you realized that once you tried it on, probably)? It might be too loose at all the wrong places, subtly overpowering your sexy assets. Or maybe you wish to slim that waistline and cup your bust perfectly. We know what women want and surely, corset lingerie is the solution!

In addition to altering how a woman feels about her body, corsets can also add the assertiveness, confidence, and self – esteem she wears, subtly but surely affecting her body language too. This straightens the posture, shoulder back, and chest high. Each and every element of this demands respect and attention.

Sexual Image – Every woman not only wants but deserves to feel sexy. Corsets go a long way in aiding the achievement of the feeling of eye – catching and jaw dropping sexuality. Wear it in the bedroom or under a dress and you feel more beautiful and sensual than you ever have!

Why leave photography behind? – Are you aware of boudoir photography? This sexually titillating, yet exquisitely feminine photography is an art to cherish. (Not just that, it’s even the perfect romantic present for your significant other.) Corsets are a top choice when it comes to this, even above sexy lacy lingerie. Why? Simply, because it eventually boils down to the fit! Framing your bust and slimming down your waist, it eventually helps you attain the picture perfect look (Kodak moment calling!).

Are you looking for the perfect corset lingerie? Maybe we can help you with that bit. Do have a look!

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