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Bored of conventional vacations? 3 unique vacationing ideas to enjoy with your partner

Bored of conventional vacations? 3 unique vacationing ideas to enjoy with your partner

Vacations can be a great way to revive lost love in a relationship. You get to come out of your monotonous routine, relax and stay in the company of your partner for a longer time than usual. But to make things better, it is essential to get out of line and try out some unique ideas to pep up your vacation and make it much more memorable.

If you look forward to making your vacation much more exciting, try the following unique ideas and entice your partner to crave for more:

  • Book a cottage on a secluded beach overlooking the ocean

Being alone with your loved one is the most amazing things you can plan for a vacation. Instead of choosing a bustling city with overcrowded markets, you can book a cottage on a secluded beach to enjoy quality time with your partner. There are a number of beach resorts and hotels that offer this option to their guests. Once you are in the company of your partner and Mother Nature, everything becomes special and you can really add a new chapter your relationship through your charm.

  • Skinny dip with your partner

If you manage to get hold of a cottage on a beach that is completely secluded with zero human intervention, you should definitely indulge in skinny dipping. If not an ocean you can book a private villa with a swimming pool that would offer you the same comfort and privacy to be involved in the act. While this will help your partner to appreciate your curves, it will also provide the thrill and excitement of making out in the open, giving you a chance to rejuvenate your sexual life and experience much greater pleasure.

  • Spice up the night with kinky stuff and seductive lingerie

Vacations are not only special because of memorable days, even nights can be made memorable, if you dress up right for the occasion. When in bedroom, you can spread your charm and entice your partner to be involved in kinky stuff. You can choose to take seductive lingerie with you on a vacation or can step up the game with naughty outfits and kinky costumes like a bunny costume. This will force your partner to get attracted and indulge in steamy and passionate lovemaking, adding up to the vacationing experience.


Every vacation can be made special even if you cannot splurge much on the luxuries, at least you can look enthralling and appealing in sexy lingerie sets by Kamuklife. Buy one for yourself today and get into your vacationing mode.


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