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Benefits of Using Corsets and Shapers

Benefits of Using Corsets and Shapers

Celebrating all things curvy!!!

There used to be a time when petite and skinny women with zero sized figures were worshiped and women did all possible things on the planet to look like them.

Women were expected to look like a Cosmo model and starve themselves to achieve that hourglass shape to flaunt. Having curves was called being ‘fat’ and it was something to be ashamed of until now.

The definition of a real woman has taken manifold turns and by heaven’s fortunate grace, we have begun to find ourselves in an era where women are worshiped for being who they are.

Sure, being fit and healthy has become a concern but women have started to feel comfortable in their bodies and accept their bodies and even love them as they are.

Thanks to anti-body shaming campaigns and body activists and plus size professional models like Ashley Graham, the picture is changing for good.

Bringing back the corset from the 19th century

There is a concern, nevertheless. Women want to look attractive and wear clothes that make them look so, without being looking out of place in a certain dress because of curves popping out.

Women want to wear a specific dress and pull it off smoothly but are a little afraid to do so as they are a little conscious of their bodies. For this very reason, many women skip on the part where they require wearing dresses.

Which should not be the case!

To address this problem, let’s go back in time, maybe  100-150 years in the past. Women in that era did not have brassiere at their rescue. What they used at the place of a brassiere was a corset.

A corset worked the same way a bra does in today’s time, added, they also gave a curvy shape to the entire upper body. A corset was a wondrous garment that has been reproduced today to fit the needs of today’s women.

For instance, the corsets in the bygone era had strings at the back to hold it together. The corsets today has buttons and zippers to fasten them. And no, they are not painful and unbreathable. They have been designed by reputes’ of the big designers to fit the needs of a 21st century women and are super easy to wear.

With corsets, came body shapers. That use the same mechanism of a corset but are easier to wear, with so many benefits, you will be left getting one for yourself. We tell you how.

1.     Physical benefits of wearing a corset

Women wearing corsets in the past when they ACTUALLY were a pain to wear was not just to look sexy; it had obvious physical benefits. There have been well-documented references where wearing a corset was physically beneficial for the body. They help correct the body posture and reduce back pains and keep disorders of spinal curvature at bay. Not only do they keep the back straight, they also prevent any inflammations in the backbone due to an improper curvature of the back.

2.     Proper breast support

Corsets fit your whole abdomen in a well-defined manner, including your chest. They provide the proper support to your breasts, to prevent them from sagging with time (there was a reason why women wore corsets when there were no brassieres, right?).

You just have to find one that is right to your shape and size and then let it do the magic for you.

3.     Waist reduction and shaping

They shape the waist in such a manner that it looks astonishingly curvaceous without the flabs bursting out of places; giving you that envious hourglass figure that looks absolutely smashing over the dress.

4.     Reduce that muffin top

It’s not a fact unknown that most women have a muffin top around their bellies and that oozes out from a dress or even a skinny pair of jeans; which, let me tell you, does NOT look good. At all. Introduce corsets and body shapers. They suck all that flab and make you look 5-6 pounds slimmer and your body looks extremely toned.

Corsets and body shapers are a curvy women’s best friend, when it comes to hiding the all the extra flab and look spectacular in that body hugging T-shirt or that bodycon dress. Buy a few in basic colours to wear them with a variety of colours of clothes.

5.     Fashion and designer corsets for those special occasions.

You can even buy sexy corsets as a part of a roleplay thing with your partner. Opt for more designer ones, probably in blacks or hot reds and you can set a theme for an evening with a corset!

They can also be used as fashionable top wear if you are the fashion-forward types.

There are women who don’t realise the potential of a corset and the wonder that it can do to your waist. It is a boon that has been re-invented from the 19th century and every woman should be owning at least one!

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