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The Addicting Affair-III: Turning our addiction to a lifelong bond

The Addicting Affair-III: Turning our addiction to a lifelong bond

In the previous parts, you read how Raj built up a relationship with Swati and how both began admiring each other. If you haven’t read part-I & part-II of the story, read it now.

Once I became comfortable with Swati after the first night of revelation, life turned blissful. No more I remained frustrated because of my urges. She, too, reciprocated feelings in equal degree, making this relationship perfect for both of us. Over the course of months, we became more like permanent roommates and crashed into each other’s homes unannounced after office hours.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time and fulfilled all our kinky desires during this time. It became a routine for me to browse for sexy lingerie on Kamuklife and gift her the same every now and then. She loved lingerie and we discussed how to take our relationship to the next level at length from time to time.

It was during one such conversation that I expressed my desire to marry her. She was shocked at this announcement at an instant. She asked me how that is even possible. What would I tell my family members and how would she convince hers. I, being a widower, was in no sense an eligible bachelor in Indian society. And she was still unmarried. Despite her growing age, her parents would never agree to this proposition. I asked her to calm down and we would think about it later.

I was sure of remarriage and marrying Swati was the best bet to retain my sanity. I discussed my dilemma with few of my relatives in the coming few weeks and was sure that no one would see our relationship in a bad light if we marry. The major hurdle was to convince her parents.

Though we had been in the dating phase for about a year at that time, she had never revealed any details about me to her folks. They were actively looking for a prospective groom which she kept on turning down. I suggested that we should reveal our relationship to her parents but she was not quite convinced to take that route. I just asked her to introduce me to her family and see how things turn up. She agreed to this proposition and the next week, I was invited to her home over dinner.

The night turned out quite good for both of us as her parents really liked me. Though I was a widower, the praised my hardworking nature and strength on facing the world after so much struggle. They even suggested I should move on and consider remarrying to start a new phase in life. I took it as a positive sign and thought of revealing my intention to marry their daughter. But first, I had to win over her family’s confidence.

During the next few months, I kept on meeting her father, helping him with his chores and accompanying him on his daily walks in the morning. It was during one such time that I confessed that Swati was a real charmer and I would love to have someone like her in my life for a lifetime. Her father had become more of a friend to me by then and asked me frankly if I would marry Swati if she agreed.

I was elated at this thought and wanted to shout out loud that I love her daughter but I controlled my emotions and nodded my head in agreement. That was it for her father. He instantly smiled widely and said that he would love to marry off his daughter to a responsible man.

At night when I broke this news to Swati, she couldn’t believe what she was listening. I told her how I became close to her father and won her heart eventually. She said she loved me from the core of her heart and promised me to reward me for my efforts. Next weekend, I found her at my place, with a whole set of sexy lingerie and we celebrated our bond. In a year, we were married and today we both are happily satisfying our emotional and physical urges. I never thought my one question and a casual advance would transform my life.

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