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The Addicting Affair-I: I desired for someone but couldn’t make a move

The Addicting Affair-I: I desired for someone but couldn’t make a move

After Suhasini left me all alone in this cruel world, living was not even a choice. But dying, too, was not the solution to my grief. I managed to survive on my own but a deep sense of emptiness never left my heart. I wanted someone to be by my side, listen to me and provide me emotional support. Longing for someone is one of the most pathetic feelings in the world.

Though I loved Suhasini to the core, her untimely departure left me with a strong urge to get involved physically. We both were quite active in bed and I couldn’t even share my misery with anyone including my friends. I felt sorry about my sexual urges but couldn’t help it. A couple of times, I also sought help from a therapist who suggested me to get involved with someone romantically, but I was not confident enough to start a relationship at that time.

During these frustrating days, I got addicted to viewing porn and that was my only respite to vent out sexual frustration. I would see erotic videos with girls dressed in sexy lingerie and sensual costumes. This stimulation motivated me to count my odds of succeeding at a casual fling, still I waited for some time.

Meanwhile, at office, things were quite smooth. I worked religiously and was appreciated through monthly incentives. Despite everything being perfect at work, I didn’t felt the same while working like I used to feel in my past. My inner emptiness kept on nagging me from time to time and I began ogling my coworkers. I have heard of office romance stories but never thought of starting such an affair. I was too conventional to take this risk. So, I just resorted to casual flirting and checking out girls in my office.

During the same time, my interaction with Swati who worked in the same department increased. Maybe this was a figment of my imagination but she seemed interested in me. Nevertheless, I resorted not to make an advance anytime soon. But soon, our casual friendship took a great turn and we began chatting online. We would spend hours discussing latest flicks or mutual interests. She was unmarried and younger than me but her maturity level impressed me. I chose to play along with her to see where this relationship is headed.

There was not a single day when we would not talk to each other after leaving office. I began loving this newfound relationship but didn’t intend to take it to the next level. But destiny had another plans for me. One night, during our casual chatting sessions, she confessed she was attracted towards me for more than 3 years. After she came to know about my wife, she thought of giving herself a chance and started interacting with me. I was shocked at this revelation. I never thought that any girl would be attracted towards me but as I was going through a rough phase, I chose to understand and reciprocate her feelings. I took her in confidence and said her that I am equally interested in her.

A flicker of hope ignited inside my heart after the turn of events. Swati was smart, beautiful and she would make a great partner, I knew. I just had to confess about my sexual urges and see if she was equally interested. For the time being, I just resorted to knowing her more and winning her confidence.

After that night, something in our relationship changed. We came out of our online avatars and started meeting at coffee shops or malls during the weekend. We loved each other’s company and never hesitated to share our feelings with each other. As she was beginning to love me, I slowly started diverting our conversations to the topic of sexuality and urges. To give her a hint, one day, I intentionally messaged her the link of Kamuklife.com and asked her opinion about honeymoon lingerie and stuff. I guess she understood my hint and asked me to continue the conversation in person, the next time we meet. I became elated and started waiting for the weekend to arrive.

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