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A Perfect Guide to Best Lingerie for Women

A Perfect Guide to Best Lingerie for Women

It is a well-known fact that your outer appearance leaves a great impression on others if you are well dressed and perfectly styled, according to the occasion. The same implies to the sexy lingerie also that you put on under those trendy outfits. So, it is inevitable to gain knowledge about the best lingerie, if you want to stand out and keep alluring all those wicked eyes that desire for you in their arms once. Hence, the question arises “What is the best lingerie for women?”, and here we are ready to answer this query!

Which one would you choose to get noticed, sexy and desirable?

A pair of perfectly fitted lingerie can help you win hearts of many and make you an element of jealousy amongst other women. It will surely make you irresistible by your partner and he will not be able to stop himself from holding you tight in his arms. You just need to check out the different types of best lingerie, enlisted below.

BIKINI stands out in its appeal as it is the best way to look sexy without any extra efforts. Just a pair of simple yet sexy bra and panty is pocket friendly. A panty with a deep cut but covering most of the bust makes you look elegant yet sexy. Paired with matching stylish bra, the bikini set can result in making you stunning and leave your lover awestruck.

If you wish to have bra and underwear combined in one piece, then you should choose to wear a BODYSUIT. It is a good choice if you want more coverage than separate bra and panty in two pieces. A bodysuit also gives clinches to the body and gives it a sexy curve.

BRA, a standalone product, can speak volumes about you and your sexuality. A super sexy bra with wires or laces or some embroidery and other sexy additions can transform your personality and leave your partner mesmerised. He might not be able to take his eyes off you. There are variety of bras available online and in retail market and you can choose the one that compliments your style. A push-up bra, padded bra, wired bra, lacy bra, collared bra, balconette and many more.

If you the one with small size breast, then a BRALETTE can be a perfect choice. This is also a kind of bra that is not supported with any structural element or underwire. It is a good option to be considered by newly wedded brides and also those who are planning their honeymoon soon.

Another way to enhance your sultry look is to choose a BUSTIER. This lingerie piece is an extension to simple sexy bra. If showing-off your sexy cleavage is on your mind then a bustier will be a great help. Not only this, the bustier will also make you look slimmer as it will cover and press most of your torso.

One of the most comfortable lingerie is the CAMISOLE and TAP SHORT combination. Available in silk material, the camisole is usually like a spaghetti top with straps. The tap short can be called the loose hot pants. It leaves you feeling silky soft and comfortable and shows off a lot of skin in a sexy manner. It will compel your beloved to pamper you like a cute little sexy virgin.

If you are the one who likes to be hassle free while getting into a sexy lingerie, then you should choose a CHEMISE. It is an easy slip on kind of a single piece of short dress that looks sexy yet elegant and assures comfort all time.

The best way to squeeze your mid - section is to get into a sexy CORSET. A corset will tighten your torso and push up your breast line and pump up your sexy look. Now a days, corsets are better known as sexy shapewears. There are corsets available with lace, straps and grommets.

To add to your lingerie, you can pair it with GARTER BELT or the SUSPENDER that will pull up the stockings or any kind of bra or panty. A simple bikini with a garter belt can make your piece the best lingerie and turn on your partner’s mood.

A trendier underwear that extends a bit towards the hips and makes them look sexy is the HIPSTER. A revealing lacy hipster can help you win your partner’s attention without any extra efforts. You can pair it with a matching lacy bra and rule all through the night.

A sexy lacy ROBE that will hide a bit and reveal a lot, is a perfect choice if you want to express without speaking. These robes are worn over other sexy lingerie and disclosed and unwrapped when the right time comes. Get rid of your boring bath robe and get one sexy robe that can cater to multiple needs.

A skimpy sexy underwear is something that you might need under a robe or a babydoll lingerie and this is known as a THONG. Pair it with any of the lingerie mentioned above and look super sultry.

TEDDIES are one of the sexiest lingerie that fits the body tight makes you appealing. Who would not love to sleep with a sexy teddy?

Best Lingerie for Women from Best Lingerie Company!

There are many online stores that sell lingerie of all the types mentioned above. The best destination to shop for this lingerie is kamuklife. It has a premium collection of hot lingerie which are made in India. You can choose from a wide variety and range of baby dolls, corsets, thongs, bikini, sexy costumes, and other categories. The best option is the “Night Glow” lingerie, that shines in dark. Kamuklife makes sure that every lingerie piece is ozone treated to keep it infection free. It also offers lingerie to all sizes and in all styles. A few more companies to know are Zivame, Clovia, Pink and Pretty Secrets. So, what are you waiting for? Your sexy lingerie destination is just a click away! Go ahead and order the best lingerie for women!

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