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9 Amazing Things to Do on Your Honeymoon

9 Amazing Things to Do on Your Honeymoon


Sure feather dusters and massage candles are sexy, but try one of these more unexpected ideas to heat up the honeymoon (not that you need it!). Read about the best things you can do to create amazing honeymoon memories:

Plan an Adventurous Activity

The idea might be to sleep on the beach all week, but consider scheduling at least one excursion that gets your heart rate up. Go for a long bicycle ride, take a scuba diving trip or zip line through the jungle. Simply put, when pushed outside of your comfort zone, your brain releases endorphins that can elevate your mood and senses. You get where we're going with this, right?

Wear a New Piece Of Lingerie Every Day

Bring along new pieces for each night of the honeymoon. The reveal is what's so sexy, so have fun with it. Think of themes or even just different colors to help you plan it out. And don't leave him out of it either. Get him, or ask him to get himself, a few new pairs of boxers or boxer briefs (aka, mangerie!) to add to the fun.

Go Dancing

Find a local spot near the hotel with dancing and hit the dance floor together. Dancing is sensual and a great precursor to other (ahem) nighttime activities -- just make sure to do a little research before you go. Find a spot that'll be relatively crowded so there's no need to feel self-conscious about any subpar dancing skills. And stay safe too: If the crowd makes you feel uncomfortable at any time, take that dance party back to your hotel room.

Make a Playlist

Get sexy with your music. (This doesn't have to mean back-to-back Marvin Gaye hits -- although we wouldn't discourage it!) Put together a mix of music to fit the locale; maybe it's a selection of reggae or Latin music or even sultry French songs to play in the room and create a little soundtrack of your own.

Read (Or Listen To) a Steamy Book

For some adult-only reading that will most likely keep you up rather than put you two to sleep, pack along a pillow book or two. The Kama Sutra is a classic, but there are plenty of other options to choose from, like Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, if you haven't read it already, or Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H. Lawrence if you're literary buffs.

Watch a Sunrise

While sunsets have their charm, a sunrise can be far more exciting and interesting. At that hour, chances are you'll have the whole sun to yourself, and the beach, pool or any other gazing point will be virtually deserted. Afterward, hightail it back to your room and order breakfast in bed and see where that leads.

Take Boudoir Photos

Create a little photo session of your own and snap a few of each other in the privacy of your room. After the trip, make a mini photo album exclusively of your risqué photos (your at-home printer will do!). Keep it in a safe place and sneak a peek every once and a while to remember your trip.

Book a Couples' Massage

Reserve a private room at the spa, a spot right on the beach or splurge for in-room service. A massage is a great way to relieve stress and tension from the wedding day. If having a stranger rub you down isn't your idea of fun, then take turns giving each other massages in the comfort of your hotel room or villa. Buy or bring along your own massage oil and plan to make use of it long after the honeymoon!

Order In

One of the best parts about being on vacation is enjoying the amazing local food. And even though you may be in an incredible destination, your honeymoon also gives you a great excuse to hang out in your room and order in. Try a meal that includes at least one classic aphrodisiac like oysters, avocados or asparagus -- and don't skimp on the wine!

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