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8 things you can do with your partner to increase intimacy!

8 things you can do with your partner to increase intimacy!

In the everyday run of work and responsibilities, it is really common to forget that we are all here for the love and the experiences we have with our loved ones. Especially, when it comes to intimate relationships, we forget that they require work and consistency to keep the magic alive. If you believe that you have started seeing the magic wear off, read along and we are sure you will find the mojo and the magic of your relationship very soon!

Relationships may look like the amalgamation of magic, instrumental songs and a glass of wine. Yet, if you go and ask any couple who has made it through decades with a happy and satisfying companionship, they will tell you it is more about the work you do to preserve the magic and the experiences you have in your relationships. Sounds unromantic? It is isn’t! Treat yourself to the reading of this blog and discover a few things to you can take up with your partner and build that everlasting intimacy.

Before you set out on this journey of activities, ensure the ground loves:

1. Both of you should be able to enjoy the activity.

2. Both of you have to be in the moment when getting into the activity.

3. Let the activity slowly takeover both of you. Rome was not built in a day!

So here are the activities both of you can take up and rejuvenate all the love that got you together:

1. Nothing compares with the good old warm showers.

Yes, it is clichéd; but it’s a cliché for a reason – it works. Intimacy has always been about being so close to your partner, that you can sense their thoughts and emotions without them telling about any of it. Many of us often have the most relaxing of our times when we are taking a warm shower in the evening, after a tiring day of work. How about taking it together? And guess what’s the bonus – you will immediately know if it’s working because things will go way beyond the shower!

2. How about creating something together – painting, pottery or DIY furniture.

Many a time couples get into fights over trivial issues – why don’t you put the remote in the right place, why do you like spicy food, why don’t you return my mom’s calls and what not. They forget the very reason they got together – together they felt better than they did while they were alone. The same principle acts here – you go out there and create something with your partner; just about anything that takes up a few hours of your time will be fine. No two people are the same and this will help you rediscover the qualities in your partner that you once loved. Beyond that, you can help each other out and find the intimacy slowly stepping back into the room.

3. A little couple-cooking, saves the magic of your love from wearing!

This may seem like the earlier one, but it is different. Cooking is an intricate process – you have to know the ingredients and the steps very clearly. One of you will have an upper hand in the process and that is what will help the other one learn and understand the importance of the other partner in her/his own life’s daily processes. The cook you have been eating for years now may start seeming mundane and may result in making you feel monotonous, ultimately leading to dissatisfaction and then to fights. Once you understand the efforts that your significant other might have to go through just to get you the meal, you will automatically see the beauty in the process.

4. Explore new places together.

Here is what happens when you go together on a holiday or a mini-vacation, together – you experience new places and refreshed emotions. Since your partner is with you while you go through all of this, your partner becomes a part of these experiences and some of the emotions you have for the new experience will spill over and become refreshing emotions for your partner. Also, many a time, because you might have had several arguments in the house, your sub-conscious might have started associating some places in the house with hostility. Once you and your partner are in the solitude of your hotel room, everything else will take a backseat!

5. Visit old friends and relatives.

Sometimes when you live with someone for years, you forget who they really are. Sounds paradoxical? It actually is pretty clear – you stay with someone for years and you stop acknowledging their very characteristics which made you fall in love with them; you start taking these characteristics at face value and they become a part of your ‘routine life’. When you go and visit old friends and relatives of your partner, they will tell you the stories and experiences they had years ago and this will bring back the picture of your partner, which your conscious brain might have pushed to the back of its limited attention span. Rejuvenation by recollection is the name of the game.

6. Curl up into a blanket, order a pizza and check out an old favourite show!

Yes, you read that right. This is an activity which can potentially reignite the fire of your relationships. When you share a life with your partner, you also share your daily worries, problems and tension with them. Since they comfort you, you start sharing your worries more and your pleasures a little less with them and before you know it, there have been months or weeks when you sat together with them to do – practically nothing. So now, go ahead and take a little urban break from your life with your partner. Open up that laptop or switch on that screen, order a pizza and arrange the blankets. Love is simple!

7. Go and do something beyond your ‘age’ – a concert or a dance party.

While the earlier one was about getting to the deeper end of your comfort zone, this is about stepping out. Sometimes, the love wears off not because partners start un-loving each other; but because they stop loving themselves. Most of the people who met at a young age, had a healthy degree of self-appreciation and that helped them put a healthy relationship together. Blows of life can put that self-appreciation on a back drawer. Go out to a concert or a party and revive that experience from your own younger days, to rediscover the rockstar you used to be; and somewhere while doing that, you would’ve rediscovered the love you were looking for.

At the end of it all, love making goes way beyond just what happens in the bedroom. What leads to the love making and what happens in the love making, are equally significant. Once you start taking up these activities, the magic will present itself. You might just need a catalyst to get there and that is where KamukLife comes into picture! You can also sit back with your partner and have a nice lingerie shopping experience. The discovery of the right one and trying out what you have bought, both can be equal fun!

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