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8 Essentials Every Woman Should Carry For A Perfectly Romantic Honeymoon

8 Essentials Every Woman Should Carry For A Perfectly Romantic Honeymoon

Every girl or a boy has daydreamed about their honeymoon. Couples like to plan their honeymoon way in advance and why not it is the most important time of their lives. All couples want their honeymoon to be filled with love, romance and passion so that they can create some of the most beautiful memories that can last a lifetime.

There are few standard things that we pack for honeymoon from sunblock to shades to LBD and then there are some sensual items that never cross our mind but are extremely important for the most pleasurable honeymoon. So if you are planning to go on a vacation with your spouse for the very first time then we share with you some of the 8 essentials that are a must for every woman to ensure they have the most titillating time with their spouse. So girls don’t forget to tick these items before you take off for your journey of love and passion.

1) Sexy Lingerie

A good Lingerie is always important for every trip you go on, but for honeymoon it’s time to pull the big guns girl! We all know the power that a sexy lingerie holds to show off your curves exactly how your man desires. It’s the best way to bring him on his knees! Starting from strappy bras to hot bodysuits, playful rompers to a delicate robe everything and anything that will turn your guy on, pack it.

2) Essential Oils

Just like the name suggests “essential oils” are really essential to instigate romance and set the mood right! When you inhale the aroma of these oils it has the strongest effect on your body, as your nose and your brain are inter connected. When you breathe in, it reaches that part of the brain which stimulates emotions and moods. Rose oil, yhang yhang essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, and Neroli essential oil are few amongst the best triggers of romance. So don't forget to take along these oils to intensify the romance between you two.

3) Sensual playlist

To set the whole mood right, there is nothing better than playing your favourite music. Music has an insane power to heal and create. With every kind of music these days, take your own play list on your honeymoon with some beautiful romantic songs. This will also help you relive and cherish memories long after your honeymoon is over.

4) Disposable lingerie

On your honeymoon, there is no point wasting time washing clothes. You have alot to do! It is always better to use disposable lingerie. Use and throw! You know what I mean, right!?

5) Vanity Kit

This is the biggest asset for all the ladies and we all know it. Don’t forget to carry your lip balm, sunscreen, perfumes, moisturiser. Since you are going on your honeymoon, don’t make it extra heavy by putting in different nail polishes and other big stuff.

6) Lubes

Don’t forget to carry a simple personal lubricant. It will make your sexual life comfortable and enjoyable for the first few times until you are relaxed enough to actually enjoy it. Try not to go for oil based lubes because they can cause condoms to break. And incase you are too embarrased to ask for a lube at a store than the good news is that you can buy lubes easily online as well.

7) Contraception

Not every couple wants to start a family early in their marriage. To avoid pregnancy it is important to use some kind of contraception during your honeymoon. Unwanted pregnancy is the biggest risk that needs to be avoided. So, ensure that your husband buys sufficient condoms and pack in those pills for those 'oops' moments.

8) Scented candles

No matter how beautiful your honeymoon suite is, just pack in some scented candles to lift the whole aroma of the room. Using scented candles at night, will lighten the mood creating a calm and romantic atmosphere, which will act as a bonus for your honeymoon.

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