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7 Things You Can Do Instead of Doing ‘It’

7 Things You Can Do Instead of Doing ‘It’

Have you ever seen a sitcom where a girl and a guy meet, have a magical moment or two, fall in love, romance and then live happily ever after with a ton of entertaining moments? Well, that is good way to go in sitcom – but life is not a sitcom. Most relationships start with a construct of physical attraction, along with a lot of other behavioural and even philosophical attractions between two people; but once you have reached the ‘climax’ together, how do you even keep the fire alive? We have got your back. Read along and find out!

You have been together for a while now. Things have been going great. You are having great ‘sessions of love’; but now you are scared – what will you do when you are used to this? One brutal truth about every relationship, irrespective of how magical it may seem in the beginning is that it will reach a plateau after which romancing will not be the same anymore.

That said, no one says love is all about what happens in the bedroom! Love is an experience and what you do in the bedroom is just a part of it. There are a ton of other things you can do to keep the love alive; and who knows, all of this may spill-over into the experiences you have behind the closed doors? So, here’s a list of things you can do instead of doing ‘it’.

The only rule here is that everything you do should be done with your partner and both of you should be completely involved in doing it. Here you go with the list:

Start with something simple – no closed doors for a week!

No, this isn’t an architectural policy. It’s a simple way of looking at things. When people enter a new relationship, they can’t keep their hands off each other. The spark turns into a fire and before they realize – the fire starts shrinking. Reason – they start taking things for granted. So, the first thing to do is – bring some deliberate distance between both of you and before you know it – the fire will be back in its place, as bright as ever!

It’s time to tick a few things off that bucket list!

People tend to keep on adding things to their bucket lists and keep pushing the list for some other day. Doing stand-up comedy in a bar in New York or selling a painting or going on a beach vacation or jumping off a plane – just about anything that you once dreamt of doing, go and do it now; and while you are at it, make sure your partner is also an active part of the entire process. You will get to realize your dreams with your partner by your side and soon, you will start associating your partner with the thrill you had on ticking off that thing from your bucket list! 

Try out something boring – how about going for a safari?

It is relatively easier for people to be interesting in a bar or even a pub. There is alcohol and moreover, everyone around them just wants to have fun. Now, take the same person and do something mundane with her/him. How about moving your furniture, cleaning your desk or just going on a safari? This is when you will get to see each other’s real personalities, without the effect of the environment on it. If you can still be happy and entertained together in these moments, note this – you are meant to be together for a very long run. 

Make a list of movies both of you loved and watch them all.

While growing up, we all look at movies and shows and on some sub-conscious level, we idolize them and get associated with them. As life rolls out in reality, we often forget the love we had for these shows and movies; but the way they shape our psyche decades ago – that shall stay with us forever.

Similar is the story of nostalgia. When couples enter a new relationship, they get used to the thrill and the spontaneity and the constant love making on the go. Yes, it is great. Yes, it is fun; but will it last forever – maybe not. When you switch to watching that goo old show you loved as a child, you are taken back to a trip through your memory lane. You might miss someone from those days, you may remember something and have a laugh on it after years or maybe, you will just get to acknowledge the fact that life has moved on so much; while you are experiencing these gazillion emotions, your partner will be your confidante.

Now imagine, your partner will go through the same emotions of nostalgia and happiness, when you do this. So this weekend, avoid the bar and get that old DVD running! 

Anyone up for a game of role-reversal?

Who does not love a good session of role-play? If that serves you well, just stop reading this and go for it; but if you have already been down that road and are looking for something much more fulfilling, you may want to try out this crazy idea.

You must have thought that you know your partner so very well. How about testing it? Sure, you can adjust to their habits and idiosyncrasies but can you walk a day in their shoe, quite literally? The game is simple – for an entire day, you are your partner and your partner shall play you. You don’t have to change clothes or names or do anything significant – just do everything the way your partner does it. Does she plan for all the dates – great, why not take up that thing yourself. Does he cook for you every now and then – fab, go and cook for him once.

This actually works when you sit down to do something you don’t like about them. When you do it, you start seeing the world from their perspective. While this may not instantly reinvigorate the love you have amongst both of you, but it will bring both of you emotionally closer. 

Cook for each other.

Let’s admit this – this is the biggest relationship hack in the world. Over the weekend, just ask your partner to get some stuff from the market and then make them sit with you in the kitchen as you cook for them. Sounds a bit too much because you can’t toast a toast? No problem. Learn a simple recipe – even something like a sandwich, and then try adapting it to your partner’s taste. Give it to them and then wait for the dessert!

Little love notes – they are the best!

The morning you have after a ‘laborious’ night and you see the side of your bed empty, you might feel a bit lonely; but when you read that note on your cupboard saying, “Dinner tonight?”, you know you will have a beautiful day thereon.

When you have had tiring day and you reach home so late that your partner has slept but you reach the fridge and find a sticky note saying, “You will love this!”, and on opening the fridge you find out a bowl full of your favourite ice-cream, you will almost be in heaven. Now imagine giving the same experience to your partner; and all of it with a few words and a note. Love and relationships can be simple!

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