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5 ways to put the spark back in your bed

5 ways to put the spark back in your bed

You might conceive to the relationship between you and your partner as one of the best; like, it could be one in a million with a really great story to how you guys met and how things ensued. You might also think of yourself as really lucky people to have found each other and settled down. Everything can be perfect in your life as you planned it ought to be. As the life spirals out, not everything is supposed to be in the control of humankind.

Like sexual chemistry.

This is one thing that is present between two people either naturally, or has to be entwined in the relationship in a way that makes each partner desire the other.

Never let the fire die out

You might believe that if you guys do not have a sexual chemistry in the bed, it's either your fault or your partner’s; when in reality, it’s not anybody’s fault. It’s just, that there are a lot of things that are not into place. Also, chances are that you used to have a really great sex life with your partner; but with passage of time, things have changed and it is not the good kind of change that you expected it to be. In situations like these, it is imperative to keep patience and firstly talk to your partner about it before doing anything.

When done with this, you can follow a few tips to get that spark back into bed: -

1. Bring some thrill

With time, you get very less chances to woo each other. But then again, this is what getting calm in a relationship is. But when it comes to your sex life, you can’t afford it to be just ‘calm’. In order to keep things stirring, bring out an element of surprise sometime, or a thrilling experience that you think you both might enjoy. It could be anything; from a new pose, to a raunchy set of lingerie or even resorting to use some sex toys.

2. Act like people newly in a relationship

Most people think of sex as a chore than an activity that you enjoy, when a decent amount of time has passed in their relationship. Things get monotonous and you are ought to feel that the whole deal is more like routine. For this, treat your partner as if you might have just gotten into a relationship. It could be with any gesture; take them out for dates, hold their hand like cute teenagers in love or even talk to them about things you might not know about them. Kiss them more frequently with an ardent passion. For a more enhanced experience, you could resort to role-play in bed and act like people meeting for the first time.

3. Know yourself

In order to better the sex with your partner, you first need to know yourself and get comfortable with yourself. Explore your sexuality. Figure out what you like and what you don’t. When you have an approximate idea of this, you would be able to make amends into your sex life and make things more electrifying!

4. Sexy lingerie- hell yeah!

This is the rule you always need to keep handy. If anything is going haywire, slip into some really delicate and sexy lingerie to woo your partner. Buy some skimpy and really raunchy lingerie; preferably in colours that your partner likes on you and slip into it anytime you feel the spark dying out.5. Use new tricks

5. Use new tricks

It could be anything. It could be a sex trick you might have picked off the internet or discussed with your friend you might have used it.

It could be anything. It could be a sex trick you might have picked off the internet or discussed with your friend you might have used it. It could be anything as simple as a backrub or a massage. Because hey? When you need things elevating from a certain level, what better way for your partner to be naked and you touching them all over!

There are a number of other ways to reignite the spark in bed. As an individual wanting to indulge in some kinky stuff in bed, you must get hold of exciting products from Kamuk Life crafted for couples looking for something extra when it comes to performing in bed.

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