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5 ways to be a healthy performer in the bedroom

5 ways to be a healthy performer in the bedroom

Whosoever said that ‘variety definitely is the spice of life’; said so very truly. When things start to get monotonous, a person is bound to feel disconnected; no matter what niche we are talking about. And when it comes to monotony in the bedroom, chances are that the situation is worse than you may have thought.

Still don’t have any ideas what we’re talking about?

Well, we’re talking about keeping your sex life open to newer things. New things imply to variety and variety connotes to spice. So, in a way, it if you want to be a good performer in the bed, you need to take the help of new tricks and schemes to be able to woo your partner. And believe us when we say this; some of these will make your partner skip a breath in bed, quite literally so!

Variety is the new sexy

One would hardly come across a person in life who does not want to up his game when it comes to scoring points in the bedroom. I mean, who doesn’t like trying new things and get complimented by their partner when they say ‘I liked that’?

Sexual chemistry is a very important thing to have when you slip into the bed with your better half. If there’s no sexual chemistry, things are bound to be a little cold and none of you will have a good time. Ergo, the key to be a good performer in the bed, lady, are very simple: -

1.     Exercise and diet

Okay, this goes without saying. Not only will exercise keep your body, mind and soul healthy, you will also feel very light throughout the day, pretty energetic and not to mention; your body will gain flexibility like never before.

Figure out what you like; be it swimming, a nice workout in the gym or a long walk in the park; you could choose anything you enjoy and exercise at least 4 days in a week.

With this, your physique will improve which will enable you to try kinkier things in bed and make your partner salivate at the thought of you naked!

With this, you need to follow a diet in order to keep your weight in check. Plus, smoking and drinking are a big no-no as they reduce libido.

2.     Lots of foreplay

A lot of couples skip out on this part and jump into the pool head straight. If you do that, you’re probably gonna get hurt, right?

Sex works the same way. If you engage in hot, sweaty, dirty foreplay before getting the deed done, not only will the entire experience be more pleasurable, but your bodies will be well prepared!

3.     Try new positions

Yes, as cheeky as it may sound; this is one resolve that will never disappoint you. However, try not to sound as effervescent as they do in porn; sex in real life is very different. You may have problems initially, but once you get a hold of it, be ready for the best sex of your life. Also, this will cut out monotony out of your sex life. Most importantly, innovation is the key to success

4.     Use aphrodisiacs

Yes, it is a thing! Chocolate is known to be one of the best aphrodisiacs in the world which can get you in the mood in absolutely no time! Especially dark chocolate. The phenylethylamine in chocolate makes it work as good as a drug would and light up the pleasure sensors in the brain.

Go ahead and play around with these they next time you get in the bed!

5.     Confidence

There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants. Be confident and firm; not only will this make your partner feel more turned on, you too will feel like a Goddess. Whatever you do, whatever you say, do it/say it with confidence for it to make a smooth effect on your partner.


Reigniting spark in the bedroom and being a healthy performer in bed is an art that can essentially be mastered at using not so common kinky products and techniques. If you wish to improve your sexual health and perform better in bed, browse through Kamuk Life’s range that has the potential to bring back the lost passion back and make your nights exciting and passionate again.

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