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5 Types of Intimate Relationships You Should Avoid

5 Types of Intimate Relationships You Should Avoid

What’s the best part of being an intimate relationship – you close the doors and the windows, dim the lights and then open each other up without all inhibitions and indulge in moments of absolute honesty. Nothing about this experience can ever be ‘not’ beautiful. At least that is what the popular logic will tell you; the reality is that intimate experiences are intimate for a reason – they make us vulnerable and hence it is very important to avoid any toxics from entering into our most intimate moments. Read along to find out which are the 5 types of intimate relationships you should avoid!

The Dreadful Rebound.

Picture this – you work on a relationship for years. You put your heart, brains, energy and all your resources into making it work. For a large period of time, things seem to be going extremely well; so much so, that you cannot imagine your life without your partner and then one day – it’s all gone. Yes, you will be shocked and surprised and disappointed; but the biggest problem people have coping with is trying to fill the void their ex has left in their lives.

In order to fill this emotional and physical void, people resort to everything – new hobbies, travelling, hook-ups and even shifting to new cities. The biggest shortcut people take is immediately entering a new relationship. After years of having been with someone, it might be a bit difficult to stay by yourself; but trust us on this one – it is not worth the guilt and heartbreak you might have to go through again, if the new relationship does not work out. Relationships in themselves can turn out to be complex. In such a situation, how do you decide whether the new relationship is genuine attraction or a simple rebound?

Simple – if you have been together for years, at least give yourself a few months to get back to being normal, since you will have to define a new ‘normal’ for yourself.

The One-Night Stand.

The ultimate fantasy! You meet a stranger in a place full of mystique. You start having the conversation and you cannot help but notice the tension between both of you, which soon results into a very naturally erupting attraction. You decide whether you want to be in the place or head back some other place together and bring the night to climax!

This scene looks straight out of a movie. The intrigue, the mystery and the adventure – it seems so luring. What you need to understand is – is this exactly what you are looking for? People stay together for years, and still have trouble comprehending the person they are with. What makes you think a few hours or even minutes of a conversation have put you into contact with the right person!

Yes, you might not be looking for the love of your life all the time and might also be looking for just an avenue to experience something new; but, at what costs? Apart from the obvious risks of STDs and your own safety, most people admit that when they don’t find this person they were with the entire night, the next morning beside them – they feel like a wreck. So, why not try avoiding this guilt and risk?

If you are so sure you are into this person, give it some time and see if it truly turns out to be that amazing. 

The Friend with Benefit.

This is yet another shortcut people like taking, to step over all the hard-work one has to do to establish a solid relationship.

That one friend who knows you so well, who understands what you like and dislike; who knows your past and present; who accepts you for who you are – wouldn’t it be perfect to have a romantic experience with this person?

Or, that one friend you met on a casual encounter, who seems attractive but is not available for any commitment; the only thing she/he wants is making love once in a while and then getting back to each other’ own lives.

The simple response to both these scenarios is – avoid them, by all measures. You should involve a friend into a position where you are looking for only a physical experience because that might put an otherwise valuable friendship at risk. You should not get involved with a person who seems to be looking for only casual hook-ups when you are looking for a serious partner – the other person will just never change or come to your wavelength. 

The ‘I have promised; I can’t back out now’.

This is a genuine experience many women go through. They have been on dates with this person and then everything turns out to be good, or very good in some situations. The person on the other end of the table seems out to a good human and is also showing a lot of interest in the woman. The only problem is that the woman does not know whether she has any physical attraction to the other person and after watching her/his efforts for some time, the woman starts sensing guilt building up inside her because she knows what the other person is expecting.

Then, many a time, things height up and the woman finds herself in a room with her partner. Now, things have started going seriously and she realizes she does not want to take it ahead; but now she has given expectations to this other person. She has taken up so much of his/her time. Will it be justified to turn him/her down at this minute? The simple answer is – Yes.

Love making has to be consensual, at all times, by all means. Even at the last moment you do not feel like getting into it, you say No and you won’t owe anyone any apologies. You have the decision to be involved in it or not and you can decide it anytime you see fit.

The Office Affair.

This is where many people have differing opinions. On one hand, everyone says that if the fling/relationship does not work out, it will affect the office environment and will definitely tint the professional relationship the two people have. One the other hand, the idea of an office romance is highly tempting and everyone would want to give it a shot.

The best way to think about it is by knowing – what all will happen if things go south? Once you have pictured the worst possible scenarios, ask yourself – does the person seem worth the trouble? This simple risk reward analysis will give you the right direction to look into, every single time.

The conclusion here is that people take up shortcuts in their hunt of finding the right one and this can be very daunting emotionally; but once you have found a person you want to take things ahead with – explore our range on KamukLife and start your new romantic experiences at a high note!

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