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5 Tips to Add Spark to Your Existing Sex Life

5 Tips to Add Spark to Your Existing Sex Life

Many couples complain of lost spark in a relationship. It is the major cause of disagreement between partners and one should really invest in a relationship to revive the lost spark. There are a number of ways the bedroom life can be improved and sex life can be made better using various techniques or steps. First of all, you need to invest time and efforts in reviving your relationship and adding spark to your existing sex life.

If you are failing at your efforts, do not worry, follow the tips below to revive your sex life and enjoy your relationship, just like good old times:

  • Stop chaste kissing

Some kisses proclaim the death of your sex life. If you are chaste pecking on the cheek, or lip grazing for split seconds then think again. Make the most of every single kiss. The power of a kiss is incredible. It will work wonders for your sex life.

  • Plan out together for sex

This may sound like taking the spontaneity out of it. But the truth is that with busy schedules, planning for the deed might be what is required. Don't think of sex as “optional.” We need physical touch in our lives as much as food, water, and shelter. Sex strengthens your bond and keeps love alive and healthy. It is an integral part of the art of seduction.

  • Surprise and entertain

In long-term relationships, partners take each other for granted. We forget how to flirt and initiate sex. Be innovative. Ask your partner out on a date. Shock them by slipping into a sexy dress for dinner and a more beautiful negligee for the rest of the night. Get their heart racing, and your sex life will improve fast!

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  • Try something different

Do not succumb to routine between the sheets. Try a new and exciting position instead. Find one that is exciting to both of you and give it a shot. Be patient and make sure you are both comfortable. Try role-playing. Be the sexy policewoman to his rugged prisoner. Or the blushing student to his mature teacher. The list of potential plays is endless. A role play gives you the chance to let go safely and experiment. It does not need to be elaborate. A few chosen lines of dialogue and the right attitude is all you need to get going.

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  • Keep the magic of your love strong

Start at least one statement a day with, “I appreciate you for…..” A beneficial relationship leads to a positive one between the sheets. It is lovely to hear someone you love express adoration for you. This simple statement has the potential to keep the magic alive and give your relationship that much needed romantic boost. Countless studies support the impact and importance of touch. Physical touch protects our mental health and confirms that we are loved and desired. Knowing we are not alone in the world completes us, and allows us to carry on living. Find time to love and cuddle regularly.



Sex and physical affection is an intricate part of our mental health. In many circumstances, touch is stronger than verbal or emotional contact. Society is dangerously touch-deprived, and many people suffer from a shortage of tactile stimulation or “touch hunger.” Reigniting your sex life, putting passion and touch back into your relationship is all about communication, effort, and practice. Be open and honest with your lover about your intentions, learn to seduce yourself and then try out these 17 steps to put a smile on your face.

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