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5 things to take care of when you have just started having it!

5 things to take care of when you have just started having it!

If you are reading this, you could be in your late teens, early 20’s, mid-20’s or might have even just got married; and congratulations on finally doing the *deed*.

You were nervous (you still might be and it's okay) and anxious all at the same time wondering if it would be perfect and if everything would go well without any glitches (yes, glitches have a penchant for happening to all of us during our first time). But now that you are through with it, know this that everything would go well post this; and you and your partner will get tuned and accustomed to each other.

And there might be a thing or two your friends, poky aunts or even your mother have told you about sex but you should know; half baked knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge at all. *winks*

So when it comes to any ‘special care’ that you might have to take care of, we bring you a short and sweet account of it. Take a look and you might freak out less: -

1.         Birth control

The first thing to worry about is birth control. If you are planning a family, you shouldn’t be worried about this. But if you aren’t and getting a baby is the last thing you want, the first thing you should be doing after getting sexually active is plan the apt birth control method. Ideally, you could discuss it with your partner if you are in a stable and long-term relationship; but this depends entirely on you. Here’s what you can choose: -

  1. You could choose from the good ol’ male condoms.
  2. If YOU want to take charge of your sexual health, you could choose female condoms too.
  3. You could also choose birth control pills which you have to take daily if any one of you does not like condoms.
  4. In a hurried incident, you could take the morning after pill or the emergency contraceptive to keep you clear off the woods.

2.        Personal hygiene

Sexually active or not, personal hygiene is one of the very first pre-requisites to have when you’ve just started doing it. Keeping your private parts clean and dry all the time is the best way to prevent any bacterial infection. These infections get transmitted very easily during sexual intercourse so it's imperative to maintain hygiene. This also includes cleaning yourself up immediately after sex.

3.        Breathe and relax

Now that you’ve taken care of your birth control woes, be assured that if you choose to have the condom as birth control, you are clear of all the STD’s! So you can breathe and relax. Breathe and relax and try to give your body time to process the changes it might go through. In no way, can you freak out and let your emotions get the better of you. If this first time wasn’t as expected as you hoped it would be, relax; because with time, it will get better and don’t freak out.

4.      Talk to your partner

Talking about their expectations and telling them about yours; sharing your fears and worries and even fetishes might be a great way to have a great sex life which does not have any weirdness or awkwardness in it where everything is clear and in tandem.

5.        Take care of yourself

Groom yourself and look good for yourself; as, if you look good, you will automatically get a confidence boost. Explore newer things that you can do in the bedroom to kill the monotony and become experimental. Spice up things with sexy lingerie or intense foreplay or even role play!


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