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5 things you can do to win him over before you close the bedroom doors!

5 things you can do to win him over before you close the bedroom doors!

Everyone is eager to have great sex. But do you know how to boost your partner’s libido and get him in the mood? In this blog, we outline some great tips to get him engrossed in the act with your moves, before actually starting anything.

The best memories in a couple’s life aren’t limited to the bedroom. So, why should you limit your efforts to the bedroom? There are a lot of things you can do to get him into mood, even before he enters the bedroom. Seduction is a noble art and you can achieve mastery by following the below mentioned tips. But before we spill the beans, you should be confident in everything you do and be bold. So, here we go.

  • Set the right mood for enhancing pleasure and getting ready for action

Before doing anything, it is important to create a pleasant environment inside the house. You can do a lot of things to set the right mood. Plan a candle light dinner, light up your home with aromatic candles, play romantic and sensual music or set up a spa/massage section in your home. Tempt and pamper him with a sensual massage or give him the chance to enjoy a well-prepared candle light dinner.

This will give him an indication that you are in a good mood. He will then be better prepared to satisfy you in bed. If you like, you can even tease him by dropping subtle yet naughty hints. This would definitely turn him on.

  • Give him a naughty surprise

Surprise is a great way to turn a person on. Give him a naughty surprise when he comes come. If you work too, try to reach home before your partner and greet him wearing sexy lingerie or not wearing anything at all. When he finds you at home, waiting for him in a naughty mood, he would surely start acting in the right way, giving you a head start to act more seductively and be more fun in bed.

  • Indulge in role play

We wouldn’t have to explain it more. You know what he means. Learn more about his desires, fantasies and get ready to be the character of his/her fantasy. Instead of giving him everything he wants instantly, tease him a bit and watch him craving for more.

You can get in an engaging consultation a day before and surprise him the next day by finding the right role play costume. Surprise him by being the girl of his dreams and see him enjoying your kinky side.

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  • Be naughty and dirty while you text him

While he is away from home, make use of technology and text him, naughtily. Give him a thought to spark up kinky imagination and see how he comes back with a great mood. You can click some naughty selfies and even send it across to keep him wondering what’s in store for him.

Anticipate him running back home early and give you the time of your life when you tease him with your naughty sexts.

  • Drape yourself in a sexy lingerie

Lingerie is the best costume a woman can wear while trying to seduce her man. If you are comfortable with some naughty wears, you can even get more sensual and find teddy costumes. While you have tried wearing his shirts to turn him on, lingerie is something he will truly enjoy. You can ask him to gift you lingerie and surprise him with the same in weeks to come.

You can get into the sheets wearing sexy lingerie or get dressed in a baby doll and open your main door, waiting for him seductively and giving him the right hint.

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Well, now you know how to seduce him the right way, get moving and enjoy an active sexual life. If you are wondering where you would find more ideas and the perfect lingerie to plan everything, Kamuklife should be your go-to destination to source attractive lingerie pieces for your next kinky adventure.

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