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5 Sexy Night Games to Heat Things Up

5 Sexy Night Games to Heat Things Up

Anniversary night should be a time for you and your spouse to reconnect. But, couples mess this up all the time. Too often, these special nights wind up being a time to complain about work or rehash the latest drama with the in-laws. If you do not want to ruin the fun, try these sexy games.

Couples Truth Or Dare

Do you remember Truth or Dare Party Game from your childhood? I do! It was a staple game at every sleepover. Take it up a notch and turn the concept into a sexy bedroom game.

Print some cards with truth or dare on one side of the card and the options on the other side. Use index cards or cut pieces of scrapbook paper to write the questions or dares on. You can ask questions such as:

What do you want me to say while we are having sex?

What is your idea of sexy bedroom language? Give me an example of what you mean.

What are is going through your mind while we have sex?

You can even choose to dare your partner with sensual challenges such as:

Kiss me upside down like Mary Jane kissed Spiderman.

Use your tongue to write a word that describes me on my back.

Use your finger to write your name on your favorite part of my body.

Use my finger or hand and show me how you like to receive oral sex.

Kiss me anywhere you want.

Get in the mood and make the night erotic with this game.

Name that Treat

Sometimes coming up with something fun and unique for date night can be a challenge. his game takes the date night to a whole new level. Grab some sweet treats and a blindfold and have fun with this sexy game.Each of you secretly collect an array of yummy treats like peanut butter, cool whip, honey, cream cheese, strawberries, caramel syrup, pudding, frosting, etc. Don’t show each other what you’ve selected or you will ruin the fun! Seductively blindfold your spouse. Place a treat on your body wherever you want. Have your spouse lick it off and guess what it is. They have to keep licking and guessing until they get it right. Take turns and get through all your treats before you dive into the best treat of all, each other!

Kissing Game

One or both of you should come up with a magic word, like 'sweetie.' Don't tell your partner what the word is, because each time he uses it in a sentence, you'll give him a kiss. Keep the game going until he guesses what the magic word is.


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