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5 Naughty Gifting Ideas for 2019!

5 Naughty Gifting Ideas for 2019!

Yes, the new year has begun and the first month is almost up! Now comes another round of birthdays, anniversaries, work promotions, successes or practically any other moment to remind your significant other how much you love her/him! If you often find yourself asking for advice from your friends or looking on Google trying to generate ideas on what to gift your partner, then this blog is only for you! Read along and thank us later!

A love letter – in code words!

Every single couple out there has had at least a few stupid and funny experiences in the bedroom for one highly satisfying one! The hook doesn’t come off, someone slips off the bed, the flyers don’t open up and what not. These are the very moments which make a couple stay closer to each other.

Bedroom adventures can be full of tension for a lot of people. It is these set of experiences which help us all learn that – hey, it’s fine to make a mistake or two; it’s all about having fun!

So sit down for a few minutes, take out a pen and a paper and write a romantic love letter which turns into describing those funny and cute little moments you had in the bedroom. Trust us, the sheer honesty mixed with the romance of it all may not save you from having such moments again, but both of you will look at each other with all the more comfort; and we all know where that road ends! 

A fantasy come true experience.

We are all so badly stuck in the world. Salaries, instalments, businesses, credit card debt and what not. Amidst all of this, we just forget about all the fantasies we once had as our younger selves. Once in a while, even your partner must have dropped you a hint or two about her/his fantasies while working, cutting vegetables or while just talking about something random. Even the sensual aspects of a relationship are very subtle in this part of the world. As beautiful as it is, it has to be understood.

So this weekend when your partner has no plans but to stay home and sleep, why not give her/him a surprise she/he will remember for the rest of the year! Set up the room. Buy costumes. Get the right set of tools and be open to anything and everything for them; because here is the beauty of sensuality – when you give into something, you get much more in return! 

A Holiday in Beginning of the Year!

But you might have just come off one, right? Well, no one is asking you to take up an entire week of a holiday. The beginning of the year can be stressful for a whole lot of people who are trying to plan and plot how to get things done in the coming months. So, why not pack your bags and put them in the car and go for a weekend getaway? Or just take a flight and land in the spot you once discussed about, years ago but just never got the time to explore.

The secret of doing this lies in the spontaneity of it all. The more spontaneous you are at the planning, the more thrilling it would be. While you are at it, make sure to check the following:

  1. Ensure you are not carrying any work with yourself. This weekend getaway is all about tuning out.
  2. While you are exploring a new landscape with your partner, why not try out things you otherwise wouldn’t have!

Try it making it as refreshing and comforting as possible. This is the time to rejuvenate while still sitting in the first month of the year! 

A Menu Card with Everything You Would Offer in the Bedroom.

You may wonder, “Why should I even do that?”

Well, to start with, it is fun and seductive. Outside the bedroom, people like being humble and want to keep things low and peaceful; but bedroom is that one place, where every human should be in her/his most native mode and get what she/he wants. So, why not let your partner feel like a master of the bedroom-kingdom?

All you have to do it, is name all your acts in a suggestive way and give a brief description telling them what all you plan to do under each act. The very idea of going through the entire ‘menu card’ will make your partner blush for sure; and the realistic looking idea, would only bring more colours to their fantasy.

Once you are in the bedroom with your partner, let them be the one ready to choose and give them all that they are craving for! That is how you do it!

Decorate a room and wear a ribbon around yourself.

Sounds cheesy? It is the cheesiest and the most suggestive thing you can do for your partner. There might be a ton of things you can gift your partner from vacations to watches to cars to clothes to apartments – but nothing will cheer her/him up as much as gifting your own self to the person.

Now, the trick here is – the entire atmosphere has to be ready for the act. Who will open the door, how will you build the suspense, what all things will you need through the night – everything has to be planned. No one gets to step out of the room till the sun reaches the skies; and for the entire night, you shall be the gift your partner cherishes!

It’s naughty. It’s suggestive. It’s cheesy. The best part – it works.

If these ideas seem a bit underwhelming, we dare you to go through our range on KamukLife. Go through all the categories and we bet you will find the perfect set of attires, tools and accessories you need to make your next romantic experience the best romantic experience of your life! Happy Love Making!

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