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5 Lovable Tips To Trick Your Partner Into Holidaying

5 Lovable Tips To Trick Your Partner Into Holidaying

Are you yearning for a much-needed vacation, but having a tough time convincing your partner to give in? Need to add some zing to you relationship and a getaway is the answer?

If dropping those subtle and not-so-subtle hints for a holiday has not done the trick, don’t fret as we have some easy tips to get your partner to go on a vacation with you. Here are five lovable tips to trick your partner into holidaying with you.

  1. A Dreamy Date

Your anniversary is round the corner and while you would like to make the occasion memorable and special, your partner is clueless. Take your partner out on a dreamy date weeks before the big occasion. If you are planning to surprise them with a cruise holiday, you could plan a date on a yacht, boat or a steamer. In this romantic setting, during dinner build up the conversation and at the opportune moment present him/her with an envelope that holds the tickets to your cruise. With the tickets paid for and the holiday planned, your partner will have little choice but to go along with your sneaky little plan. What’s more, the romantic setting and the thoughtful prelude to the vacation will ensure that they cannot say no!

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  1. Postcards From Yonder

Your partner’s birthday is the perfect time to surprise them, especially if it is a milestone birthday – they’re turning 30 or 40 etc. Before their birthday, write them lovey-dovey messages on a postcard each day. The number of postcards will be equivalent to how old your partner is turning. Also, each postcard bears the picture of the holiday destination you have planned. The final postcard will mention the date of the trip, which could be a day prior to your partner’s birthday. You both take off for the holiday the very day! Make sure you have the workplace leaves sorted for both!


  1. Fortune Cookie

Take your partner out for a romantic meal before Valentine’s Day and at the end have the chef serve you fortune cookies. These customized fortune cookies already have your pre-planned message of the holiday written. For instance “Yay! We are going to Mauritius next weekend. Pack up honey!” You would have won your way to their heart with this adorable gesture for sure!


  1. Dupe Them!

Tell your partner you both are visiting his/her parents and make sure his/her folks are in the loop and play along with your plan. This means that any required work leaves would be sorted. However, when you reach the airport, instead of going to the city his/her parents live in, you whisk them off to your chosen holiday spot! This is one trick your partner wouldn’t mind falling for and both of you can enjoy the precious couple time and rekindle your romance!

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  1. Pack Up And Take Off!

It’s your monthiversary and you want to make your partner special. A weekend getaway to the idyllic hills a few hours away from your city – where he/she has been wanting to go – is the answer to your prayers. Come Friday evening, when your partner is back home from work, toss the packed bags in to the car, hustle him/her into the vehicle and drive away. Make them think you are going out for a quite meal, but halfway through the journey they learn the truth! The smile on your partner’s face would be totally worth the trouble gone into all the planning and plotting!

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