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5 health benefits of having an active sexual life

5 health benefits of having an active sexual life

Too often, we underestimate the power of small things that can impact our lives immensely. We think of these things as so small; they are insignificant to us.

And when it comes to getting intimate with your partner; its almost a chore to you. You feel like it is a necessary responsibility entrusted on you; when it is not so.

Sexual relations with your partner are essential to maintain the intimacy and love in your relationship; but it is also essential for you, on a personal level. Most often, people don’t realise that sex is a physical activity that has effects on the body. And these effects are all positive. Period.

If you are someone who shies away from slipping into sexy lingerie for her partner just because you think the task is mundane; think again!

Hot sex for good health

It might come as a surprise to most women, but having an active sex life is actually very healthy. Definitely for your partner, but also for you. Not only does sex make you feel good and confident about yourself, it makes has affirmative impact on your body.

And if you wonder where that entire glow comes from when you wake up in the morning after sex, you are right; sex!

Having sex 3-4 times a week is considered to be one of the healthiest activities partners can engage in. It burns calories (yass!) and can be made fun in all sorts of ways! Not to mention, this will keep the spark alive in your relationship for a very long time!

Some benefits you are about to endure if you have an active sex life are: -

1.   Healthy heart & healthy body

Sure, the love between you two will not die out when you have lots of steamy sex; but your heart will stay healthy; quite literally. Sexual intercourse is basically a physical activity, an exercise of sorts and keeps the heart healthy, in addition to keeping all the hormones in check. In fact, if you have sex at least twice a week, you have 45% less chance of developing any heart related problems. And so, with this your body stays healthy and less prone to lifestyle diseases.

2.   Boost your sleep

This is actually a no-brainer. After a strenuous physical activity such as sex, you are bound to be tired. Your body demands rest after all the heart-pumping sex you’ve been having and so, you sleep better. A healthy sex life will let you have a good sleep, where you sleep like a baby. Also, the hormones released during sex promote sleep. That is why people doze off quickly after sex.

3.   Great, younger looking skin

For all the women out there; sex can help you get great skin! All the hormones that are released during sex (including Oxytocin) make your skin glow and make your face look brighter. Because of sexual satisfaction too, the skin looks happy and new; which makes you look younger!

How easy can it be; getting into a pair of babydoll lingerie and having the best sex of your life; in addition to make your skin look great!

4.   Release stress

Oxytocin, also called the ‘love hormone’ is a feel-good chemical that puts any person in a breezy mood in an instant. During stress, oxytocin is released in huge quantities. This makes the person feel blissful and content. As a result of this, a person is less likely to be stressed about things.

5.   Get the spark back into your life

This is perhaps the best thing sex gives you, as a couple- a spark in your relationship. This is the ultimate key to revive any relationship, put the zeal back into it and connect on an intimate level.

With so many health benefits, why miss out on hot sex with your partner? Visit www.kamuklife.com for more! 

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