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5 'essentials' for having a satisfying romantic experience!

5 'essentials' for having a satisfying romantic experience!

What makes us more human – the ability to love and get loved. Wouldn’t we all want our romantic experiences to be a little more fulfilling, a little more magical? Well, after a long period of time, we tend to make everything into a process and nothing extraordinary ever comes out of an ordinary process, not even the ‘process of making love’. Don’t worry, we have your back. Here are the 5 essentials you must have in order to make your romantic experiences all the more satisfying! 

Every movie wants you to believe – that love is all you need to have a happy life. Well, that’s far from reality. We need food, air, shelter and a partner to spend our times with; moreover, love itself is not enough to make love all the time!

How do you keep ensuring that every romantic experience you have is equally magical and sensational, if not more than the previous one?

Keep this check list handy and you will get all the answers you have been waiting for:


The Right Setting.

The entire experience is based on your emotional frame of mind. Without the right emotions, there is hardly any difference between making love and procreating. With the right emotions in place, you can have a time of your life in a matter of minutes. Everything you do hereon is to ignite the right emotions.

Go with the very basics – your bedroom should be a place devoid of all distractions. Hence no televisions sets, or laptops or even phones to disturb you. Just to stay in the continuum of the world, shut off the notifications of your social media accounts for a while and let your phone rest.

Next comes the right ignition points for you – get a comfortable bed; after all the pitch plays an important role in all games! Your bed doesn’t have to be fancy; it should be comforting to both you and your partner.

A good set of lights, fragrance dispensers and clean bedroom basics like pillows, sheets and curtains can completely set up the right place for you.

This is not limited to just the bedroom settings; you yourself should feel extremely comfortable; after all, romance is supposed to relax you! So, make sure you are in the most comfortable outfit and feeling relaxed. Try out honeymoon dresses for Indian bride or maybe something equally comfortable for men. The thumb rule is – comfort over everything else!


The Right ‘Characters’.

You get one life and you must be really lucky to have your partner by your side; so why let it all slide into monotony? You know the best thing about the bedroom – what happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom.

Throughout our days, we all play different roles – in the office we are a righteous employee, in the family we are a caretaker, in the society we are a responsible resident. Amidst playing these roles, we seldom start losing track of who we actually are. We have all been through those moments when we wanted to do something because we felt that would be a natural move, but we did something else under societal pressure.

Well, you and your partner are not meant to play according to the society’s rules in the bedroom! You can be anyone or anything so why not start with playing your fantasies out?

It’s not that difficult to break the ‘bedroom rules’; try out something like the hot couple costumes or a set of role-plays. This would help you explore new horizons and let go of the daily tensions – all in one go!


The Right ‘Tools’.

The biggest tool is your mindset and how you look at things. If your goal throughout the time is just to reach the end – well, you’ll reach there faster than you think. It’s all actually about teasing between doing some things and then not doing them.

Many a time, we have tried out everything and we start believing this is all there is one can do. Then, all of a sudden, almost in the flash of a second – a new horizon opens up. That exact horizon is your set of love making tools.

It may sound a bit over the top at the moment – but there are quite a few tools which can change your perspective of making love. Some people believe that using a ‘tool’ is in some ways a deficiency in their own passion for their partner. If you think so, you should rethink about it.

The special thing about love making tools is that they are only good as they are used by you. It is you, that your partner desires; the tool is there just to ease things up for both of you. So, play along!


No inhibitions please.

Remember the first time you saw your partner before your first intimate experience together? You must have looked at each other. You must have felt a sense of tension between both of you. Everything from the pace of your breaths to the first night dress must have put your senses on fire. And then came the moment!

Well, for most of us, that tension and that sense of suspense flees away after a few months or years and then things become a bit redundant. The trick here is to understand that as your relationship evolves, your intimate experiences will also evolve. What started as an unknown adventure of two people, will soon convolute into united pleasures of a couple.

So, a really important thing to understand here is – the tension of that first night will mostly never return naturally. Hence, there is no point in waiting for it. What you have now, is a sense of comfort with your partner after having been together all this while – so why not use it to explore all the fantasies you ever had?

Go back to the wardrobe and take out that night dress for bridal wear that you or your partner wore on your first night. Make it a mission to use it again, except – this time, there will be no inhibitions. Who would’ve thought you can redefine your first night!


Hit refresh!

This is a general theme you can follow in pretty much everything you do in the bedroom – be consensual and keep hitting refresh. Anything that seems familiar, put it aside and try out something new. Life is short and love making is what we have as humans, so why not make our moments of pleasure the most passionate they can be!

KamukLife brings to you an exciting range of intimate wear that can both spice up your bedroom adventures and add the magic you have been looking for in your romantic experiences! Check it out and thank us later!


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