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5 Best Occasional Lingerie Pieces You Should Get Your Hands On

5 Best Occasional Lingerie Pieces You Should Get Your Hands On

Ditching the monotony!

All women would hoot to the fact that there is something really exquisite about a beautifully crafted piece of occasional lingerie that your monotonous daily piece of lingerie cannot beat.

Of course, it’s all the right things for daily work and errands but when it comes to special occasions, you might really want to think before you put on that archaic pair of sad-looking briefs and an even forlorn brassiere.

Every woman wants to look her absolutely stunning best and nothing short of a diva when it comes to dressing up for events and exclusive occasions. Whether it is a day-out, a dinner date with your better half, fancy elite parties, or the biggest D-day of your life- your wedding, you want something special, something that is, for a change, over-the-top; designed to excellence, and fit to perfection as if it has been customized just for you and your special affair.

And no, you’re not the first woman to think about this; we all need a little indulgence every now and then, something that decadently makes us feel worthy and admirable as we walk down the aisle or even the God damn aisle!

So, we understand your desire for a gorgeously flattering pair of occasional lingerie that makes you look forward to that day; and bring to you the hottest 5 best occasional lingerie pieces you should get your hands on.

1.    Shapewear and seamless panties

If you’re attending a corporate party, or a formal cocatail party, or a corporate meeting, or even have an important job interview, it is essential you wear that pencil skirt or a fitted dress with a pair of seamless panties. There can be nothing worse than the seam of your panty showing over your well-tailored fitted clothes.

Remember, if the foundation is not well-laid, the result will never be perfect. Also, if you are a little on the plump side, fret not! Plus size lingerie and shape wears come to your rescue!

Don’t shy away from wearing that pencil skirt to show off your curves; rather shape them with a nice bustier or a set of shaping pantyhose.

Investing in good shape wear is a must for every lady these days.

2.    Adhesive gel bras

A major technological advancement when it comes to strapless bras are the adhesive gel bras that literally stick to your bust and support your breasts while you look your absolute ravishing best in that strapless dress or that evening gown. If you think that wearing transparent bra straps will do the bit, you are highly mistaken mi ’lady; a transparent bra strap not only looks plastic-y but also really cheap.

Spend one-time on an adhesive gel bra in at least two basic colours, white and black that will help you with a lot of outfits.

You could rock that backless choli with your lehenga or a strapless dress for your big date. Don’t let bra straps hold you down!

3.    Bodysuits

Bodysuits is a craze among all age groups of women for numerous purposes. A bodysuit once touted to be a celeb-outfit has increased its potential and women are totally loving it. A little more expensive than other lingerie given the fact that this garment covers the whole body and so uses extra fabric, it is a fantastic piece to splurge on, nevertheless.

A bodysuit has become a basic wardrobe essential and is a must have, that are available in various styles. You can wear it for body shaping under dresses and crops or you could simply wear it for backless or strapless purposes.


4.    Lace and satin for the Honeymooning new bride

You ran around circles for months preparing for the D-day, put so much pressure on you, and got sick of the never-ending rituals and the task of looking effervescently flawless. Now when the whole ordeal is over, you deserve a honeymoon trip with the love of your life before you set out to spend your lives together.

You even chose the perfect destination to make sweet memories but there’s a chance you might forget one important thing. Sexy lingerie.

Yes, you’re young and have just gotten married. Make use of the time you’ve got alone and make hot memories in the nascent time.

All things lace and satin are  must; buy erotic night dresses for honeymoon and hot lingerie that makes your partner go weak in the knees; something in a fiery red or hot pink, in lace or satin, complete with bows and trinkets!

Honeymoon lingerie is a serious business when it comes to occasional lingerie.

5.    Waist reducing corsets

Damn the person who said corsets are a thing of the past.

Well, yes, women used to wear corsets in older times when there were no bras, but corsets are making a comeback and they are doing it in a style.

With sexy designer lingerie being in line, the corsets too had to have a makeover and look colourful, sexy, and gorgeous with all the frills and fancies.

Of these, the waist reducing corsets are a great number to get your hands on. It’s going to make your waist more curvy and sexy and be the perfect lingerie for that occasion!

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